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7 Tips for a Healthy School Year

7 Tips for a Healthy School Year

7 Tips for a Healthy School Year

7 Tips for a Healthy School Year

It’s back to school season and there are many things to consider to make sure your child has a successful school year, but none are as important as your child’s health. A change in schedule, anxiety, and exposure to more germs can all affect your child’s health. We’ve been having a lot fun on the blog sharing back to school crafts and school lunch ideas, but we also think it’s important to share some tips for a healthy school year.

1. Back-to-School Checkup: Just before school starts is the perfect time for your child to visit the Pediatrician for an annual checkup. In addition to an examination and immunizations, this visit will give your child a chance to talk with the physician about good health habits.

2. Sleep is an important factor in good health. It is recommended that children and teens get between 9 and 11 hours of sleep per night.

3. Remind kids to wash their hands at school, and send along some hand sanitizer for your child to use after touching communal tools, such as scissor. Also, encourage your child to cover their mouths when they cough so they don’t contribute to germ spreading.

4. Having the right backpack is important to your child’s health. Double check that the weight in your child’s backpack is evenly distributed, and make sure the straps are well padded.

5. Update emergency contact information at the school, as well as medications your child may take.

6. A healthy breakfast and lunch is very important for a healthy school year. Check the school lunch schedule, and plan to take lunch from home on those days that the school lunch option isn’t healthy enough or is something your child does not like.

7. Better your child’s health and immunity by eating a healthy diet and take vitamins, such as L’il Critters gummy vitamins.

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What are your tips for a healthy school year?

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