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Album Review: Rascal Flatts, “Changed”

Album Review: Rascal Flatts, “Changed”

Rascal Flatts

A few years ago I would have never dreamed that I would be sitting here enjoying a country music CD. Throughout my teens and most of my adult life, I really didn’t enjoy country music. One night while doing a bit of channel surfing, I found myself sucked in by the CMA Awards Show. Next thing I knew I found myself a new fan of artists like Rascal Flatts.


Even in a career as filled with music and milestones as that of Rascal Flatts, there are times when capturing the moment isn’t difficult. Sometimes, it only takes a word. The release of Changed, the trio’s eighth studio album, is a great case in point.


“Given what we’ve been through the past two years,” says Jay DeMarcus, “I don’t think there could be any better title. This feels like the next step in Rascal Flatts’ evolution.”

I have really enjoyed listening to “Changed” over the last couple of days. It’s nice to come across an album that I can listen to the whole way through. There is more than just a couple of really good songs on this album. Featuring the beautiful harmonies the band has, the title song “Changed” is also one where you really want to listen to the lyrics. It’s something that just about everyone can relate to.

“Change isn’t always easy to go through,” says Joe Don, “and some of this was hard for us. But fortunately there’s another side to change. We’re all family men now, husbands and fathers, and there is so much stability to draw on there. Put it all together, and it’s life-changing stuff that can be scary, but beautiful at the same time.”

Two of my other favorite songs from this album are “Banjo” and “Sunrise”. More of a country rock song, “Banjo” is exactly the type of upbeat song that has drawn me to country music. “Sunrise” has such a positive message, about how a special someone can change a person’s outlook on life after being hurt from a past relationship.

“Everything is in this big crock pot called Changed,” says Gary with a laugh “It’s got meat, potatoes, vegetables—all of it. It’s fun, it’s poignant, and we think the hard work that went into has really paid off. And we’re very glad to take one more big step down the road.”

I really appreciate the variety of songs, from the more twangy sound of “She’s Leaving” to the powerful and moving ballad “Come Wake Me Up”.

Rascal Flatts is kicking off their Summer American Band Tour this June with Eli Young Band, Little Big Town and Edens Edge.

Disclosure: About A Mom received the Rascal Flatts CD “Changed” in order to facilitate a review. No compensation was received. All opinions are our own. Review made possible by One2One Network.

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