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Along Came a Spider #EEKologist

Along Came a Spider #EEKologist

3 Fun and Spooky Spider Crafts and Snacks

This post brought to you by The Orkin Ecologist. All opinions are 100% mine.

3 Fun and Spooky Spider Crafts and Snacks

The Halloween season conjures up images of all sorts of creepy crawlies. Nobody knows creepy crawlies better than the bug experts at Orkin. In studying bugs to better control them, Orkin has found them to be fascinating too — curious little creatures full of unexpected complexity. And that’s why they created “The Ecologist” site, to celebrate science and uniqueness of bugs. We’ve had a blast exploring The Orkin Ecologist site, and learning about this month’s featured insect the Goliath Bird-Eating Spider. A bird-eating spider? EEK! We put together a fun afternoon of activities doing spider crafts and munching on some delicious spider inspired snacks, all featuring… you guessed it… the Goliath Bird-Eating Spider.

Spider Poster

Orkin Ecologist Spider Crafts

To make this fun spider poster you will need a poster board, black construction paper, googly eyes, craft glue, and scissors.

Cut one large circle, one large oval, and 8 strips from brown or black construction paper. Glue the circle and oval pieces onto the poster board to create the head and body of the spider.

Create legs by accordion folding each of the 8 strips of paper. Use craft glue to secure the legs into place.

Glue on 8 googly eyes.

Goliath Bird-Eating Spider Fun Facts

The Goliath Bird-Eating Spider is a member of the tarantula family.

Their 11-inch leg-span makes them one of the largest spider species in the world.

Inch-long fangs help the goliath bird-eating spider to inject venom into their prey. However, the venom is not life threatening to humans.

The spiders make a hissing noise that can be heard up to 15 feet away.

Learn more about the Goliath Bird-Eating Spider where they are featured this month on The Orkin Ecologist site.

Spider Web Paper Plate Craft

Spider Web Paper Plate Craft

For this craft you’ll need a paper plate, yarn, and a hole punch.

Punch holes around the edge of the paper plate, about 1/2 inch apart. Cut a long piece of yarn. You’ll need a lot of yarn for this.

To start it off, tie one end of the yarn through one of the holes in the plate. Let your child thread the yarn back and forth across the plate, through different holes, creating a spider web.

I love this craft, not only because it introduces children to sewing, but also it helps to develop their focus and fine motor skills.

Spider Snacks

Spider Cookies

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To make these fun Spider Oreos you will need:

Oreo Cookies (We used the seasonal Halloween cookies with orange filling.)

1 container orange frosting

Halloween sprinkles

pretzel sticks

small edible googly eyes

candy corn

Carefully separate the Oreo cookies. Using a dab of frosting, secure 8 pretzel sticks (spider legs) inside of each cookie. Place the cookie top back onto the cookie bottom and gently press them together.

Using a small spatula or back of a spoon, spread a small amount of frosting onto the top of each cookie. Sprinkle on some Halloween sprinkles and gently press them in with your fingers. Also, press 2 googly eyes into the frosting. Break off the ends of 2 pieces of candy corn for fangs.

I hope these fun spider crafts and snacks have encouraged you to visit The Orkin Ecologist web site to explore the science behind insects. Be sure to check back each month for a featured insect, like this months Goliath Bird-Eating Spider. Also, follow the #EEKologist hashtag on Twitter to find more fun projects.

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  • This is so nice! Why didn’t I see all these posts BEFORE Halloween? I’m filing all these things away. Next year, for Halloween, I am going to be prepared, way in advance! All the crafts and cute recipes!

  • Halloween and fall have some of the best decorations and best creative food options we can create. I’m not into Halloween, the holiday of evil but I do love me some fall decorations and fall goodies.

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