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Back to School Chalkboard Lunch Box {DIY}

Back to School Chalkboard Lunch Box {DIY}

DIY Chalkboard Lunch Box

Do you love personalized stuff as much as I do? This Chalkboard Lunch Box DIY project is a fun way to send a personalized message to your child each day at lunchtime. I was recently looking through a children’s clothing magazine (I don’t recall which one – I get tons of them) and came across a cute metal lunch box which had been jazzed up with some chalkboard paint. What I remember most about it was the expensive price tag, but also knew that it could be easily recreated at a fraction of the cost. This seems to be the case for most things I see in magazines these days.

DIY Chalkboard Lunch Box

I picked up a plain metal lunchbox for this project, but any lunch box would work since you’ll only be painting the inside of the lid. I don’t know if it was totally necessary or not, but I lightly sanded the area that I would be painting. It was probably an extra step, but I wanted to be sure. For the chalkboard paint I used a Martha Stewart chalkboard brush on paint that I picked up at Michaels. Using a foam paint brush, I brushed on 3 coats of paint, waiting approximately an hour between coats. I let it dry completely over night.

Back to School Chalkboard Lunch Box DIY

Here’s where I really want you to pay attention… Use a good painters tape and tape off the edges around the area you wish to paint. The tape I used left a little to be desired and some of my edges didn’t come clean, thus the inspiration for the ribbon trimmed border. Even though it was a bit of a goof, I think the ribbon border is kinda cute. If you want to add the ribbon border, I used 3/8 inch wide ribbon and adhered it with some tacky craft glue.

Although I haven’t tried it, I think the spray on chalkboard paint would work just as well for this project. This was a very fun and simple DIY project. I hope you enjoy it!

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