Catch a Falling Star #RememberWhen

Catch a Falling Star

I am a YesVideo Storyteller which means I get the opportunity to test out their video services. This is a compensated ambassadorship, but all opinions are my own.

I don’t know all the words to many children’s songs anymore. After the first or second verse, I make it up as I go along. Sometimes I’ll turn it into a medley of sorts by stringing bits and pieces of songs together. When I was a kid I remember my Mother singing old songs like ‘Babes in the Woods’ and ‘How Much is that Doggie in the Window’. The latter of which is a silly song that I remember quite vividly. It’s funny how certain things stick with us. I must have sung ‘You are My Sunshine’ and ‘Itsy Bitsy Spider’ a thousand times over when my children were little.

Much like the stars in the song, I am not letting these memories fade away. Thanks to YesVideo, I have been able to preserve these beautiful family memories forever.

As a YesVideo Storyteller, I have had an opportunity to transfer many old camcorder tapes to DVD and online video. One of my favorites is the video above of myself (a much younger version) and granddaughters Becca and Maddie. Becca was sitting on the sofa totally mesmerized by Dora the Explorer on the television. Maddie still quite young and fidgety was snuggled up on my lap. Inspired by watching Dora catch stars, we started singing one of our favorite songs ‘Catch a Falling Star’.

Catch a Falling Star

Experts say that singing to your babies and children is very beneficial. I’ve read that singing to your children everyday can help prevent language problems. Babies like to hear you sing because it mimics their own sounds. If you think about it, a baby’s cooing and babbling is actually very melodic.

So sing to your children. Sing to them anything you like, any way you like. Even if you’re tone deaf like me. You’re an American Idol as far as you’re baby is concerned, even if your singing is off pitch or off key. Even if you’re like me and make up most of the words as you go along.

YesVideo Easy Ship Kit

As the largest and most trusted home movies transfer service worldwide, YesVideo has helped families protect and share generations of memories for fifteen years. They help families relive, share and celebrate the special moments…forever. YesVideo makes it so easy to send your old videotapes and film reels in for digital conversion. They offer video transfer, film transfer and photo transfer. You can do it by mail or by visiting one of many available local retailers. I sent my old video tapes in by mail using the YesVideo Easy Ship Kit, and it couldn’t have been any simpler.

What songs do you sing to your children or grandchildren?

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