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DIY Indoor Succulent Garden

DIY Indoor Succulent Garden

DIY Indoor Succulent Garden

These past few weeks I have been dreaming of a Spring garden, but it’s not quite time. I don’t think Old Man Winter is done with us yet. I decided on a compromise and put together sweet diy indoor succulent garden, to pacify me until I can get busy outdoors. It’s been many years since I have had a succulent garden, but from what I have seen on Pinterest lately they are having a bit of a renaissance.

DIY Indoor Succulent Garden

Every garden needs a little friend. I found an adorable little ceramic garden bunny at my local dollar store.

DIY Indoor Succulent Garden

Here’s what you need to recreate this garden:

small rectangle basket
basket liner (I used a aluminum mini loaf pan, since it fit my basket perfectly.)
medium to large rocks
potting soil (I used Miracle Gro’s Moisture Control soil)
2 – 3 small succulents

Line your basket with an aluminum or plastic liner. Line the bottom of the container with rocks, to ensure good drainage. Add soil over the rocks. The soil needs to be very well drained. You can use cactus soil or do like I did and make your own. Mix two parts potting soil with one part sand.

DIY Indoor Succulent Garden

Add your plants, and cover exposed soil with moss and rocks. I purchased a small bag with a variety of mosses from my local craft store. I like the different shades and textures it gives the planting.

When shopping for your succulents, look for ones that are very green in color. They will do better in indoor lighting. Since we’re on the topic of lighting, succulents need a lot of sun to survive – so be sure that your garden is getting plenty of sunlight from a window. They will not survive in a dim corner.

DIY Indoor Succulent Garden

Water your succulents sparingly, allowing the soil to dry out completely between waterings.

Have you ever grown succulents indoors?

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