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Hiding Imperfections Perfectly – Tips from Celebrity Make-Up Artist Carmindy

Hiding Imperfections Perfectly – Tips from Celebrity Make-Up Artist Carmindy

Most of us have some sort of imperfection that we want to hide. As I get older there are more and more flaws that I want to hide, and my arsenal of beauty products has grown. I have acquired more beauty products than I could possibly ever use and want a simple beauty routine that maximizes my best features and hides the flaws. I had a chance to interview celebrity make-up artist Carmindy to discuss hiding imperfections. You probably know Carmindy from the hit television series “What Not to Wear”. Carmindy shared some fabulous tips for hiding imperfections perfectly.

Hiding Imperfections - Carmindy Interview

Imagine this: It’s an important day for you – a first date, a job interview, even your wedding day! But you wake up and notice dark circles, a blemish, or a cold sore on your face. All of these minor imperfections can trigger anxiety and concern, which could spoil that perfect date, first impression for a prospective employer or the most significant day of your life.

“There is no exquisite beauty…

without some strangeness in the proportion.” ~ Edgar Allen Poe

Concealing those imperfections may be a lot easier than you think. Innovative makeup and other products make it possible to hide those minor flaws on your face. World-renowned make-up artist Carmindy has worked with models and real women alike to help them stay prepared despite unexpected circumstances. She loves teaching women how to look and feel their best. Carmindy helps women choose the right makeup, tools and new products that are available to help hide minor imperfections, like cold sores.

Here’s my chat with Carmindy. She shared some fabulous tips for hiding imperfections…

Carmindy is known for her work on TLC’s TV show “What Not to Wear”. She’s published three best-selling books including, The 5-Minute Face, Get Positively Beautiful and Crazy Busy Beautiful. Carmindy’s work can be seen on the editorial pages of leading magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Elle, InStyle, O, Essence, Self, Lucky, Seventeen, Marie Claire, Glamour and many more.

What tips do you have for hiding imperfections?

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  • Love Carmindy! And I really enjoyed hearing her tips. I stick with the basics. And I don’t fuss about imperfections. They’re what make me who I am 🙂

  • I agree with Danielle! I am a pretty natural person so although I am seeing more and more, I don’t worry too much about it. I love to see that even celebrities are normal and need to worry about imperfections.

  • Thank you so much for sharing these tips!! I just stick with concealer to cover up my imperfections…which are usually blemishes. I’m going to try a couple of these new tips though!

  • I really love Carmindy. Thanks for sharing this. I need some expert tips for sure. I really like this new BB cream that is available to hide flaws and imperfections.

  • I haven’t tried to hide much other than my gray hair for years lol but the next time I’ll be out on the town, I’ll have to come back and listen to her tips again.

  • These are some great ideas! I think all of us have days that we need one or more of these! I heard the other day that you can open an Advil Capsul (liquid) and rub it right on the blemish and it works better than hemroid cream for blemishes!

  • I spent years being concerned about hiding my imperfections (and I even own her book, The 5 Minute Face) but at a certain age I realized my imperfections are just part of who I am and who was I trying to look so good for anyway. There’s another saying I read years ago “it’s our flaws that endear us to those who love us” and that make so much sense to me. All of that being said, I love Dermablend cover cream for those days I DO want to look my best. 🙂

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