A Drawer Makover with MaLo Underwear by Mario Lopez #MaLoUnderwear #CBias

My grandson never seems to have any clean underwear…clean anything actually. I think it may have something to do with the piles of clothes hidden under his bed and stashed in his closet. I decided to remedy the situation last weekend while we were in Augusta for a cheerleading demonstration that the kids participated in, at a local festival. After the demonstration and a stop at Macaroni Grill for lunch, we headed over to Kmart to remedy the missing underwear situation. A drawer makeover with MaLo Underwear by Mario Lopez was certainly in order.

MaLo Underwear by Mario Lopez #MaLoUnderwear #CBias

Going into stores this time of year is a bit of holiday overload for me. As soon as we walked into the store we were surrounded by Halloween costumes and other spooky delights. Just a short distance away they were setting up all of the Christmas displays. I couldn’t keep myself from looking at ornaments and wrapping paper. I think I have the Christmas bug a bit early this year.

Finally, we found our way over to the Men’s Fashion Department. As I worked my way through the freshly racked flannel pajama bottoms, I saw a beacon of light up ahead. No wait… That’s a picture of Mario Lopez in his underwear. Needless to say the signage for the new MaLo Underwear by Mario Lopez couldn’t be missed.

MaLo Underwear by Mario Lopez

I think I took more pictures of Mario Lopez than I did of the underwear, and I thoroughly embarrassed the kids. In fact as I write this post right now, Mario Lopez is on the television in the living room. I think I’m starting to blush just a little bit.

MaLo Underwear by Mario Lopez #MaLoUnderwear #CBias

As we looked around the underwear section of the store, I noticed that the MaLo display and packaging was much nicer than anything else around it. The underwear package with an image of a Greek statue on the front just looks so expensive. The underwear is available in a lot of fun colors and has a cool looking MaLo logo on the front. The underwear was even on sale in my Kmart store last weekend, so I was super happy about that. We grabbed a couple of 3 packs and headed home to deal with the drawers.

A Drawer Makeover with MaLo Underwear by Mario Lopez #MaLoUnderwear #CBias

Do your teenagers drawers look like this?

I searched through every drawer of my grandson’s dresser and couldn’t find a single one that distinguished itself as the underwear drawer. In fact, of all 5 drawers I managed to find 1 single pair of underwear. Who do you think was cleaning his room and doing laundry later that night? I laugh about this now, but at the time it was a wee bit frustrating.

At long last my grandson not only has clean drawers, but clean underwear. He is very happy with his new MaLo Underwear and says they are far more comfortable than any others that he has worn. Mission accomplished! Now onto the next project… I wonder what that will be?

A Drawer Makeover with MaLo Underwear by Mario Lopez #MaLoUnderwear #CBias

If you want to see some more fun pics from our shopping trip, be sure to check out my #MaLoUnderwear Google Plus Album. Also, take a look at the MaLo Underwear Pinterest Board.

Does a man in your life need a drawer makeover? Head on over the the MaLo Underwear Facebook page and enter the contest to Win $75 Worth of MaLo Products and a Chance to Meet Mario Lopez! You can also connect with MaLo on Twitter.

Disclosure: I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and MaLo #CBias #SocialFabric All thoughts are 100% my own.

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  1. says

    *blush* is right. i can’t look,the boy is 2 good looking.
    I’ll look for his line next time I stock up for hub & son.
    As for my son’s dresser drawers- yeah they look awful. He’s 14- figure he’ll grow out of the slob phase in a few years, meanwhile he has to totall clean his room every friday- drawers, closet, under the bed, the works. It’s a mess by monday! lol

  2. says

    I wish you would come to our house to get our dresser drawers so neat LOL–I didn’t know there was a MaLo line–good to know–I’ve already started shopping for Christmas and will be on the look out! thanks for sharing

  3. jamie braun says

    That we the funniesy review I’ve red in a while. *swoosn* mario lopez. Too funny. Looks like he makes great undies!

  4. says

    Oh my the messy drawer/not knowing what it’s for is taking over this house! I just spent 3 hours cleaning out my kids pajama/pant/ fiasco. I hope it lasts longer than a week, his cleaned up drawer looks great! :)

  5. says

    I need to go find these for my husband now. The last time I looked my Target didn’t carry this brand yet, hopefully they do now. We don’t have a KMart near us. AC Slater is still hot, sorry, had to put that in there real quick.

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