Celebrate Spring with Kmart Semi Annual Home Sale

This is a sponsored post. I am a Kmart blogger, though all opinions are my own.

This colder than normal winter has left me eager for a change and some cheering up. It’s the perfect time to start thinking about a home makeover. Nothing livens up a house (or your spirit) like a newly decorated home. I love how simply adding some fresh flowers and a few brightly colored pillows to a room can really brighten the mood.

If winter has taken its toll on your household, with all it’s snow days and frigid temps, then this cute clip about reclaiming your home will definitely make you smile.

Kmart Semi Annual Home Sale

This spring, we’re hearing things like ‘grey is the new beige’, ‘blue is in’ and ‘light wood finishes are back.’ Redecorating your home every time a new trend arises can be cruel to your wallet. Lucky for us, it’s time for the Kmart Semi Annual Home Sale!

Now that spring is around the corner, it’s time for a change. At the Kmart Semi Annual Home Sale, you’ll find major savings on décor and furniture for your bed, bath, living room and kitchen. From bright colors to fresh finishes, you’ll save on everything you need to take your home from winter blues to stylish in spring. And with the points you’ll earn on redecorating, you’ll be able to redeem them on next season’s decorating trends (whatever they may be)! This exclusive Shop Your Way Member OFFER will earn members $5 Back in Points on Every $30 Spent in Home!

What will you shop for at the @Kmart Semi Annual Home Sale?

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  1. I haven’t been to a Kmart in forever. I don’t have one super close, but it kind of looks like it would be worth the drive :)

  2. Spring always gets me shopping – I need to organize the house a bit more and I love those organizer bins. That would be perfect for my entry way.

  3. Krsiten says:

    I love shopping for Homegoods at K-Mart! We have gotten all of our pub chairs there! I also love the greg trend and think it should be the new black :)

  4. They always have great prices, so a sale is probably even more awesome.

  5. I’ve been looking for organizing shelves like this! I’ve never really shopped at Kmart, but I guess I’ll have to give it a try!

  6. I haven’t shopped at Kmart in a very long time. Mostly because it’s not near us. I do love those cubicles though!

  7. I love the color grey in interior colors, I have it in a few places in my house. I’m always looking for good value when shopping so this sale is great for me.

  8. People sleep on Kmart so much we only have one in our area and it stays packed. They have some of the great finds you can’t get anywhere else

  9. I was so excited to see this sale at Kmart! I am in dire need of new organization tools!

  10. I shop at Kmart all the time! I love their rewards program!! :)

  11. I haven’t been to a Kmart in a very long time. It looks like they have some very nice products now.

  12. Unfortunately there is no Kmart near my home. I can’t think of anything I need that would be worth the drive. But glad to hear they have a great sale going on for those who do have one close and need some home goods

  13. It is nice to be able to shop for things at a great store with great prices. I got some ideas looking at the photos in this piece.

  14. saminder gumer says:

    kmart has all the things i need for my home. it is a one stop shop and they are always have amazing sales. i wish there was one in the town i just moved to.

  15. I love that bookshelf in your picture. I have a similar set but bigger in scale that takes up a wall in our office. It’s so handy!

  16. Oh I love that shelf, we are going to be redecorating soon if we can ever get a house!

  17. We have a kmart pretty close. I go over several times a year.

  18. You know how to reel a girl in – with the word SALE! With a smaller place we need to really focus on better organizing so this is right up my alley!

  19. I wish we had a kmart here! I’d love to go shopping there!

  20. I’m going to be leaving the house in a few hours to get some organizers for my makeup. Originally I was going to stop by Wally World now though I think I’ll be stopping at K-Mart first :)

  21. I love shopping at KMart. There are so many bargains.

  22. alicia k (Petite Pilates Pixie) says:

    time to redecorate, time to shop! Love the great deals you can find at Kmart.

  23. We don’t have a Kmart here anymore! But if we did I would love some of those cubes!!!

  24. We have one of those organizers in my son’s room for his toys. It is the perfect way to get him to help with clean up, and it keeps me from stressing about a mess. :)

  25. I have so much spring cleaning to do…I’m putting it off until the snow goes away…which seems like never

  26. Nice, I need to do some organizing for Spring, love Kmart!

  27. I’m currently re-doing my home office/guest room. A storage unit like this would be great. It wouldn’t be so bulky and keep the room looking open and light.

  28. I love Kmart and will be getting a birthday present soon for someone I love from there! Kmart is my go to store.

  29. I can not wait to get into the sale so that I can get some pieces for my house.

  30. We’re holding off on any purchases like this until we move, but I love shopping for new home items and of course sales too!!!

  31. Love checking out sales at Kmart! I’m in the spring cleaning mood and just as soon as we get a nice warm day – the windows are going up and Pinesol is going in the sink!! I’ve been wanting to check out some new things to help keep me organized, yet lends to my home decor so I’ll be heading to Kmart shortly!!!

  32. I really like the member $5 Back in Points deal. I could use so many items for the home. I’ll have to check out this Kmart sale.

  33. I haven’t been to Kmart for a good while now. I used to shop there quite often when there was in my town, but it closed down several years ago. : /

  34. I would love new bedding for spring. I need something bright and cheerful!!

  35. Eliz Frank says:

    I used to hang out my local KMart before Target showed up… Sadly, for Kmart, I love Target

  36. Just in time for some spring cleaner and a little makeover. I was just at Kmart yesterday, looks like I’ll have to go back.

  37. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    I wish that there was a KMart closer to my home so that I could take advantage of the great buys and sales there.

  38. Janet W. says:

    Unfortunately we don’t have a Kmart near us anymore. It closed. This sounds like a nice sale. I wasn’t aware of some of these new trends.

  39. I love big sales events! I Would ship for sheets.

  40. Kmart is my go to place for garden supplies – unfortunately I now have to order them all online when I want them because there are no Kmarts here in North Texas :(

  41. Definitely agree about grey, I love using it! It’s such a great neutral.

  42. They have the cutest pieces at Kmart!

  43. I love Kmart, but the one near me (Raleigh) has been in the process of closing for a couple of years. It’s the weirdest thing. Half of the store is empty and they don’t clean it or stock much of anything. I’d love for them to tear it down and build a new Kmart there!

  44. I love Kmart so much. I will have to stop by to check out their deals!

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