Easy Paper Flower Napkin Rings : Fall Craft for Kids

Easy Fall Paper Napkin Ring Craft for Kids

For Thanksgiving we always have a separate kids table set up. I try to make it very festive for the kids and let them help make things such as place mats and napkin rings for the table. I’ve recreated one of the paper flower napkin rings we have made in the past, just to show you how to make them. It’s very easy to do and is a fun fall craft for the kids. You won’t need to go out and purchase anything fancy for this project. Chances are, you already have everything you will need to make these pretty three dimensional flowers.

Paper Flower Napkin Rings

Here’s What You’ll Need
yellow and brown construction paper
green or blue construction paper for the leaves (optional)
craft glue
scalloped flower cookie cutter or use this printable flower template

Easy Fall Paper Napkin Ring Craft for Kids

Instructions below are for 1 napkin ring – Repeat as needed for your desired number of napkin rings.

1. From the brown construction paper, cut out a bands about 1 inch wide and long enough to make the napkin rings. Also from the brown construction paper, cut out 4 small rounds approximately 1/2 to 3/4 inch across, depending on the size of your flower template.

2. From the yellow construction paper, cut out 2 flowers using either a scalloped cookie cutter or the template linked above. Cut 2 more flowers, slightly smaller than the first 2.

3. Optionally, cut out 2 leaves from the blue or green construction paper.

4. Fold each flower in half, creasing between the petals. Repeat until there is a crease between each petal. This will be your guide for where to cut.

5. Using the scissors, cut a little more than half way down each line of the fold. Do this for all 4 pieces of the flower.

6. Fringe the edge of each each brown circle, using your scissors. (Like in the picture above.)

7. Glue one large flower to the center of the napkin ring, using a large dot of glue in the center of the flower.

8. Glue 2nd large flower on top of the 1st, so that the petals overlap. Repeat with the 2 smaller flowers.

9. Layer each of the 4 brown rounds on top of the center of flowers, using just a drop of glue in center of each.

10. Allow to dry completely.

Paper Flower Napkin Rings

11. To create the three dimensional look of the flowers, carefully fold up each piece of the brown fringe to form the flower center.

12. Next, fold up each scalloped edge of the flower, toward the center.

13. Glue the ends the brown band together to form a napkin ring.

Paper Flower Napkin Rings

For younger children, an easier version of the flower can be done by simply layering your flower pieces and gluing on one brown center. (Pictured Above)

Do you set up a kids table for Thanksgiving? 

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  1. Terri Herman says

    Love these ! They wouldn’t have to be just for kids either. They would be great for a small wedding or dinner party with a garden theme. Will def do this!

  2. Gail Williams says

    I love these paper flower napkin rings. My granddaughters have a toy machine that can cut out flowers just like these. Now I have and idea! I will use a colored foil instead of paper…to make these flower rings super fancy. Thanks for the idea!

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