Send a Free Hallmark Moment with YesVideo

I am so excited to tell you about the new Hallmark Moments with YesVideo! While on my recent trip to YesVideo corporate headquarters in San Jose, I heard the announcement that YesVideo has partnered with Hallmark for a limited time to offer something very special. Hallmark Moments from the Past let customers send precious video memories paired with Hallmark greetings to loved ones. This gives me yet another reason to love YesVideo! I absolutely love sending image rich cards with special messages to my friends and family. Being able to send a card with a personalized video clip is all the more special. It’s such a great way to brighten someones day!

Hallmark Moments with YesVideo

Did I mention that Hallmark Moments are free to YesVideo customers? For a limited time, YesVideo customers can gift their favorite video memories to their loved ones through this unique Hallmark partnership.

I just finished sending a card to my Dad and his wife in Florida. They miss seeing their grandchildren that live here in Georgia. I know they really appreciate being able to see video snippets of the kids via the share feature on my YesVideo account. It took just a couple of minutes for me to create a personalized Hallmark Moment for them, and I know it’s really going to brighten their day. I love that the Hallmark Moment can be shared by email and to Facebook for all to enjoy.

Hallmark Moments with YesVideo

This exclusive offer is available to YesVideo customers, and there are currently 5 card designs to choose from. I sure hope the partnership between YesVideo and Hallmark continues, so that I can keep sending these fun eCards to my friends and family. If you are not already a YesVideo customer, I encourage you to gather your old video tapes and film reels and get them converted to DVD. They will also be hosted for free online in your YesVideo account, making it easy to watch and share. You can either visit the YesVideo web site and request an EasyShip Kit by mail or head into your local Costco, CVS, Bartell Drugs, Meijer, Rite Aid, Sam’s Club or Walmart.

As a YesVideo Storyteller I get the opportunity to test out their video services. This is a compensated ambassadorship, but all opinions are my own.

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  1. What a great way to send a special card to someone!

  2. I sent one to my husband for Valentine’s Day. I think I enjoyed it more than he did, but it was still awesome!

  3. YAY!!!! I have vhs that I need to transfer over!!!

  4. This would be perfect to send to my parents – a video of my boys :)

  5. I love this concept – my kids’ grandparents would so appreciate a video card like this, and wow – lots of old vhs to convert!!

  6. This is perfect!! Would work great for birthdays and special events, specially with my parents living in Texas.

  7. What a neat service! This would be a terrific way to share more with our distant relatives – thanks- going to have to explore this further.

  8. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    This is such an awesome idea for a special gift. I’ll have to remember this!

  9. My parents live in England and we’re in Chicago so this would be fab for my kids to send them!

  10. I love this! And have never heard of it! THANK YOU for sharing. My parents will love it.

  11. Wow, there are really so many different things that you can do with YesVideo! I love all of their service offerings!

  12. What a cute idea. This would be great for Mother’s Day.

  13. Wow, this is awesome! I’d love to try this out sometime.

  14. This is such a great service. I would love to make something for my grandparents.

  15. Hallmark always seems to come out with some neat things.

  16. I know a lot of grandparents who would love to see grandkids video.

  17. How cool! I’d like to make some fun videos to mail to my husbands great aunt. She would love getting it in the mail

  18. How cool, my family would love getting these!

  19. This is so cool! I have several family members who would love to receive the card with our kids on it

  20. What a brilliant idea, saves on postage too!

  21. I love this! Grandma and grandpa would love to receive one!

  22. I haven’t sent ecards in years but I love this!!!

  23. That’s a neat way to send a card. Thanks for sharing!

  24. This will be perfect for my family! I don’t send physical cards to people, but this looks right up my alley!

  25. I thought that I had heard something about yes video! I need to get my vhs tapes of the kids switched over to dvd so we can actually watch them!!

  26. What a neat idea! I’m gonna have to send one to my Granny since she lives so far away.

  27. This is really neat! I’ll have to try it! :)

  28. That is so neat! I’ll have to show my daughter this so maybe she can send me some videos of my grandsons! I know other family members would love this, too!

  29. alicia k (Petite Pilates Pixie) says:

    this is a great gift idea! thanks for sharing!

  30. This is a great idea! Thank you for the tip :)

  31. That is such an amazing idea ,converting my old films and reels.
    thank you

  32. That s a great team up. Should do good.

  33. Nice, what a cool surprise this would be, love Harmark!

  34. This is so neat, I should send one to my mom!

  35. What a great idea! I love to send cards and this would be so easy. You would never miss another special occasion again.

  36. What a thoughtful idea!

  37. Oh that’s amazing! I have so many family members that I would love to send clips to for their birthdays.

  38. Ahhh this is so cool! What an amazing way to share memories with family members

  39. This is so great— what an awesome way to share fun memories with friends and family!

  40. What a great way to connect with loved ones!

  41. I love this kind of stuff and I had no idea they did this… thanks for sharing!

  42. I used to have a video card service a few years back. How awesome that they have this still around!! It was such a great service to use!

  43. It’s great that they’ve partnered with Hallmark.

  44. It would be so wonderful to surprise my inlaws with a Hallmark Moment!

  45. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    This is a great idea of Hallmark and I hope that Hallmark stays connected to YesVideo. It will be a very convenient way to collect and save videos and send to family too.

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