Update Your Decor with Sears Furniture Collection

This is a sponsored post. I am a Sears blogger, though all opinions are my own.

I just recently began a living room makeover. I started with a new couch, and got one that is super comfy with dual recliners. Last week I purchased a new television stand that will hold a large flat screen TV. I’m hoping to find a great deal on a new television just before the Super Bowl. Next, I’ll be looking for a new area rug, some colorful throw pillows and new lamps for the end tables. It’s a work in process, and I’m hoping that Sears Furniture Collection will have just what I am looking for.

Update Your Decor with Sears Furniture Collection

The 1990’s called, they want their couch back. If that sentence rings true for you, it’s time to plan for a décor upgrade in 2014. Forget the pricey interior designer, Sears’ Furniture Collection can help turn your living room from drab to style magazine-worthy in no time. From traditional to modern, Sears’ furniture collection has something for everyone. You have the option to mix and match pieces from each collection to suit your taste or shop the entire collection for a matching look.

Still need help making a décor decision? Follow these easy tips:

- Find color inspiration from a favorite wall color or painting. This will be the focus of your design choices

- When shopping for the living room, don’t overstuff the room. Plan for ample walking room between furniture pieces

- Tie the room together with matching pillows, a rug and other accessories (my personal fave)

Lastly, upgrade your room in small payments using FREE Sears Layaway (no service fee) through 3/24, valid on new Layaway contracts only. After it’s all said & done, your friends will be begging for your designer’s phone number.

Will you be making any furniture decor changes in 2014?

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  1. We certainly need to update our decor. Our couch is from my husband’s bachelor days. LOL

  2. I’d like to add more ‘structure’ to our living room and get a new sofa and some new chairs, but it isn’t in the budget right now. I do think I’ll find some way to get some patio furniture though, we have a huge deck in this new house and no where to sit down!

  3. I had no idea that Sears had a furniture collection until recently. When I think of Sears I usually think appliances. This is great!

  4. Sonya Morris says:

    Great tips! I really need to buy new furniture but with a house designed by a toddler on a daily basis I don’t want to invest in something that will be destroyed in a few years. I do think I will add some new pillows, new rug and paint this year but the furniture stays as long as I have little ones with milk in their sippy cups!

  5. Yep, the 90s definitely wanted their couch back. We just bought a new sofa (a first for us) and have been enjoying ‘breaking it in’ :) I’m anxious to see how your living room is coming along!

  6. I think accessories can make the whole look of the room. My mother has an eye for decorating and helped me decorate my first place with pillows, rugs, vases and wall art!

  7. I really like the transitional color palette! I just dug out some old stuff in my house and gave it new life from the $1 store – some river rocks and twine to an old hurricane vase!

  8. We’re in need of a new, larger dining room table. I’m actually planning to stop into Sears today so I’ll check out their selection in person. Thanks for the heads up!

  9. We’re in the market for a new couch, definitely going to have to check out Sears. Thanks

  10. I love that they have different styles for different tastes. And the discounts, oh yeah!!!

  11. That stuff looks different from what I might have expected at Sears. I need to check out their furniture!

  12. I totally need to update my house, but we’re waiting until after we graduate college to see what happens. If we move, we’re going to just take what we have, but if we stay here, we are gutting this house and getting all new everything! I’ll keep this in mind for sure.

  13. I really need to update all of the furniture in my daughter’s room. It has been taken over by toys and I need to get rid of all the baby furniture we have in there. It’s great to know Sears offers stylish and modern choices.

  14. I love the Sears Furniture Collection! I’m a traditional home decor fan, and I always see so many pieces that would look awesome in my home!

  15. With kids in the house we opt for transitional but otherwise I really love modern furniture.

  16. We need new living room furniture so bad! Microfiber apparently isn’t the best fabric to have with little ones — even a small water spill will leave a stain on our couch! I definitely need something darker and more comfortable.

  17. The upgrades that I hope to do in 2014 is complete both of the kid’s rooms. They are almost done! Yay!

  18. we NEED to update our living room. i need a professional to come help though- we have odd doorways and a fireplace gate, plus our room is long and narrow. its a nightmare

  19. We bought a new entertainment stand for our living room, but our couch and chair set are only two years old. We’re also in the market for a new television – and then we might call it a year. ;)

  20. It is a nice idea to be able to remodel one’s house and to have many options from which to choose.

  21. I love the second one! Can’t wait to have my own house so I can do the decoration myself. :-) I usually find inspirations from Pinterest when I try to decorate my room, I guess lots of useful inspiration for living room as well :-) Thanks for the tips!

  22. I’m actually in the market to update our living room! I want to get a splash of color with curtains and throw pillows.

  23. i would love new furniture for the living room. what we have now is starting to become a bit worn and uncomfortable.

  24. We actually love to look at Sears for decor and home appliances! It’s one of our fave places to shop!

  25. Amy Desrosiers says:

    I love that sell sell literally everything! I am keeping them in mind for my next big furniture purchase!

  26. These are such classy choices. I really love the colors in the middle but stylewise the third one is my favorite. Tough choice!

  27. I didn’t know that Sears sold furniture! I must have been living under a rock lol

  28. Oh, yes! We are making lots of changes this year. I didn’t even think about looking around at Sears. Thanks for sharing these decorating tips!

  29. Yes! I’m planning on doing a lot this year in my house. My living room furniture is way big for the room it’s in, but I bought it for a bigger house so I’m kinda stuck in this smaller space now. Poo!

  30. For some reason I never knew Sears had a furniture collection, I need to visit more often I guess!

  31. I would love to get a recliner for our den, but don’t know that I can afford that this year

  32. We just redid most of our house and most of the items came from Sears, I just need a dinning room table for the kitchen, and we’re done.

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