Things to do in Augusta with Teens #SiennaDiaries

Courtesy of Toyota, my family has been having some fun in our own backyard of Augusta, Georgia. There are a lot of great activities in Augusta for families with teens. Here are some of our favorites.

Bowling – Bowling is always fun for teens, and the whole family. We have 3 bowling options available in Augusta: Brunswick National Lanes, AMF Masters Lanes, and Fort Gordon Lanes.

Brunswick National Lanes is located at 3067 Washington Road in Augusta. Brunswick offers a variety of daily specials and fun events such as Cosmic Bowling on weekends, and a $.99 Price Buster special on Sunday.

AMF Masters Lanes is located at 1810 Gordon Hwy. in Augusta, and offers some great specials for families including: Unlimited Pizza Bowl, and $2 Tuesdays. Enroll in the AMF eClub to enjoy perks like special offers and discounts.

Fort Gordon Lanes, part of Fort Gordon Sports and Recreations, offers affordable bowling to military families, retired military and civilian guests.

Things to do in Augusta with Teens - Sienna Diaries

Go Karts, Laser Tag, Miniature Golf and Video Games at Adventure Crossing – We recently spent a day at Adventure Crossing in Augusta and had so much fun. Maddie invited several of her friends and they had a blast racing go karts, playing laser tag and video games. Keep your eyes peeled for Adventure Crossing Coupons in the Augusta Entertainment Book. There was also recently a great offer through Groupon.

Things to do in Augusta with Teens - Laser Tag

Video Games – At Level Up Game Center teens can take their game to a new level at Level Up Game Center. Equipped with 32 gaming stations for 1-2 players, the Level Up Game Center has everything from Gaming PC’s, to Xbox 360’s, PS3, Wii, PS3 MOVE, Xbox Kinect, 3D Gaming, Foosball, Air Hockey, Bumper Pool, and a Pool Table. Party rooms, hourly rates, and all day passes are available. We like to go on Friday night because it’s Ladies Night and the girls play for free!

Things to do in Augusta with Teens - Go Karts

Skating – Always a favorite activity for my granddaughters, Skateland of Augusta offers affordable fun for the whole family. If you’re ready to take it to the ice, the Augusta Ice Sports Center has public skating available on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. They are currently offering a $5 Family Night on Tuesday evenings.

How do we get there? As a continuing part of the Toyota Sienna Diaries, I have been able to take my grandkids and A LOT of their friends to do some really fun things in and around Augusta, Georgia. The 2014 Toyota Sienna XLE minivan will comfortably seat a lot of teenagers, and provides amazing entertainment.

Sienna Diaries - Things to do in Augusta with Teens

The vehicle is equipped with an amazing entertainment center. The DVD player in the back has been a real life saver for me. There are 2 provided wireless headsets, and additional headsets and earbuds can be plugged in throughout the van. This means the grown ups in the front don’t have to listen to the movie. Also, the kids are able to play their own music from the back of the van through the Bluetooth enabled Entune system that allows you to wirelessly connect your device to the sound system. The sound is fantastic! Also, there is a plethora of USB and charging ports throughout the van, so the teens can all charge and use their various devices. This van really does have it all.

Toyota Sienna Diaries

It’s so great to drive a vehicle that not only has great safety features, but is also spacious and comfortable, and provides state of the art entertainment features. Driving the Toyota Sienna these past few months has definitely spoiled me. There are so many fun things to do in Augusta with teens, and getting there is easy with the Toyota Sienna.

Disclaimer: Toyota is providing the author with a vehicle for 3 months as part of the #SiennaDiaries. All opinions relating to the vehicle are her own.

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  1. says

    We are looking for a new vehicle for our growing family and I will have to add this to our list! Looks like a fun time you all had!

  2. says

    So much fun. I never laughed so hard as the day I played Laser Tag with my girls. Hilarious. And bowling? Bowling just never gets old. Sounds like there’s lots to do!

  3. says

    It looks like you have a ton of fun in Augusta! My sister in law lives in Swainsboro and they always go to Augusta for a fun day because there are so many things to do!

  4. Shauna says

    What a great list of ideas for teens. It is always really hard to find things to do when my step-daughter comes to town…

  5. Amanda says

    We are a van family and may be in the market in the near future. I love all the features that the Sienna offers. My son is only six but wants to go on the go-carts so badly! You have a beautiful family!

  6. says

    We have just started considering getting a minivan but didn’t have this one on the radar til I read your review. Thanks for telling me about all of its great features. My kids would love the entertainment in the back – and I’d be glad for the headsets so I didn’t have to listen to whatever they were watching. :)

  7. says

    Those all sounds like a lot of fun, especially for teenagers! Heck, I’d love to do them all myself and I’m 24. LOL We have some of those in the Rockford area but there’s mostly very limited things to do when it comes to Winter unfortunately.

  8. Dorothy Boucher says

    WOW talk about fun, i love arcading and lazer tag and bumber cars how can you go wrong with teens :) i bet you got extra hugs heheh thanks for share

  9. says

    So glad I found your blog through a link party! I don’t know if ya’ll watch the local news, but I was a weekend anchor/ reporter there for 2 and a half years. I left because my husband is an Air Force Dentist and we are stationed in Las Vegas. I love Augusta and definitely miss it. I will be sure to follow along with your blog…feels like a slice of home!

    • Angela says

      Hi Jillian! Laura and I miss seeing you on Fox 54. We are so glad you found our blog, and hope all is going well for your family in Vegas.

  10. Nicole Dz says

    My family loves to check out new bowling alleys and the go karts look like a lot of fun. Great activities that has something for everyone.

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