Vitamin Angels Give Childhood Campaign

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As a child, I dreamed of being a ballerina. I bet you didn’t know that about me. I wanted to one day dance on stage in a grand theater. I so looked forward to going to my ballet class every week, and as I got older and better at dancing that one night a week turned into several nights a week. I was very blessed that my family had the means to let me live that childhood dream. I’m sure my Mom would have rather spent her evenings doing something more than providing chauffeur service to and from Miss Shirley’s Dance Studio. I was also very fortunate to be healthy enough to take all those ballet and pointe lessons. Not all kids are that lucky.

Vitamin Angels Give Childhood Campaign

As a mom, I have enjoyed watching my son out on the soccer and football fields. I always got so much joy from seeing him do his best, and have fun with his team. I think I sometimes take for granted how lucky I am to have a child who can run, laugh, and play. A healthy childhood is something we all deserve, but sadly that’s not always the case. All over the world children are being denied their birthright of enjoying laughter and play, for lack of proper nutrition. Can you imagine such a travesty?

The numbers are startling. This year alone, 3.1 million children will lose their chance to play forever as a result of undernutrition. Undernutrition is robbing children worldwide of their childhoods. Without the foundation for good health that comes from proper nutrition, a child’s ability to reach his or her full potential disappears.

Vitamin Angels believes that being able to experience the joy and wonder of childhood is a basic human right, one that can be restored – at least in part – with vitamins and minerals. It’s that belief that has inspired the Give Childhood campaign, sponsored by Vitamin Angels. Vitamin Angels currently supports programs in nearly 50 countries from Africa, to Asia, Latin America and the United States.

The Give Childhood campaign aims to raise awareness for Vitamin Angels’ cause and the problem of undernutrition worldwide. Give Childhood back to children in need by helping to support the Give Childhood campaign.

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Vitamin Angels is raising money for the Give Childhood campaign, through 12/31/13 to reach 1.2 million children with lifesaving and life changing vitamins and minerals in 2014.

The good news is that anyone can help. Vitamin supplementation is a simple and cost-effective way to give childhood back to at-risk children. Just 25 cents will give one child the vitamin A he or she needs for the entire year. You can help by visiting Vitamin Angels Give Childhood to make a donation that will help deliver essential vitamins and minerals to at risk children in need.

In 2014, with your help, Vitamin Angels will reach over 40 million children with lifesaving and life changing vitamins and minerals in nearly 50 countries, including the US. 
$300K is enough to Give Childhood to 1.2 million children around the world in the form of lifesaving vitamin supplements. Your support today will give the gift of childhood to those in need worldwide so please donate now.

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  1. What a wonderful campaign. I love when companies give back.

  2. It’s really scary how many kids are undernourished in today’s world. I can’t believe it really comes down to only 25 cents making that big of an impact!

  3. Thank you for sharing this, I had no idea it was so inexpensive to help kids in need of better nutrition! 25 cents is something that I can definitely afford!

  4. What a great program! I love hearing how such a small action can make such a big difference! It always inspires me!

  5. I absolutely love this program! I love how for so little from us, it can give so much back to a child! Love they are helping to ensure a child gets the vitamins they need.

  6. courtney b says:

    i wish there were more blog posts about this kind of thing. if all of us joined together to help we could make SUCH a difference,

  7. what a phenomenal campaign!! i’m off to visit them

  8. God bless companies that see the importance in giving back especially when it involves the life of a child.

  9. That is seriously a crazy little amount that would help a child – I waste way more than 25¢ on a daily basis and to think the good it can do for a child, for a whole year!

  10. This is a great campaign. It is amazing how such a little bit of money can do such a big amount of good.

  11. Such a wonderful cause and campaign. No child should be undernourished. in our world. Thanks for spreading the word.

  12. What a great campaign!!! I love when companies give back!

  13. I feel very blessed to have two healthy children, and wish all moms could feel the same way. This is a wonderful campaign for helping kids!

  14. such a wonderful campaign. i love that they are using us bloggers to spread the word about such a great endeavour!

  15. This sounds like a fantastic campaign and I will add it to my list ‘to do’ this year. The children who can’t get good food should – the sad thing is that so many who can eat good food, are given cheap fillers from the grocery stores and fast food restaurants. It’s easy to be undernourish in our country right now. People are eating more and more because their bodies are craving nutrition and unfortunately, that is not what people are eating.

  16. I wanted to be a ballerina, too, but I never took lessons. “The Nutcracker” was my first live performance at the theater in McCormick place on the lakefront in Chicago.

    Thank you for sharing about this charity. I will definitely do some more research on it!

  17. I love that info graphic. It really puts things in perspective.

  18. What an absolutely wonderful campaign. It is one I would definitely love to be a part of or help out with.

  19. what a great project. it’s amazing how little it takes tohelp

  20. Amazing campaign and those statistics are alarming.
    Our 3 year old has vitamin deficiencies too due to his allergies, how much time we spend inside and being African American.
    But at least we can treat him and make up for it.
    Glad to hear Vitamin Angels is here to help.

  21. This is such a great program. Something so simple that kids need and we take for granted.

  22. Amy Desrosiers says:

    I think this is such a wonderful mission! There are so many malnutritioned kids that could really used these vitamins!

  23. What a fantastic cause. We often take for granted how very lucky we are.

  24. You know that’s such a small amount that we can all afford to give and wow what a difference it would make in total!

  25. Thank you for letting me know about this wonderful cause. Every child has a right to three nutritious meals a day. Thank you again for posting about this very important cause.

  26. This is a great program beasuse it helps other children have the opportunity to grow up and be healthy. It is also a nice thing for people to be able to help support.

  27. I can’t imagine a childhood without laughter and play great program.

  28. Sounds like a great campaign. I took ballet as a kid, and never once thought that undernutrition would keep other from doing the same!

  29. alicia k (Petite Pilates Pixie) says:

    what a GREAT way to give back! children deserve a wonderful childhood

  30. What a great cause. It is amazing that it only takes one quarter to make such a difference.

  31. This is such a great campaign. So little can do SO MUCH!!!

  32. I wanted to be a ballerina too until I actually took a class and realized how much work it really was haha! I love this program! Such a great way to give back to at-risk children.

  33. A great program that doesn’t ask for a lot. I wish them much success.

  34. Those numbers are staggering and scary! I’m so glad that there are people running organizations like this that make a difference!

  35. So sad that so many in our world go hungry while others throw out food by the ton. I hope to someday see a change in our world. At least this organization is trying to help.

  36. What a great campaign! Such a great way to give back

  37. It amazes me that so much can be done with so little

  38. Ioana Hampton says:

    Thank you for sharing this! I too dreamed of being a ballerina when I was a little girl. What a wonderful campaign!

  39. It really is the little things that we often take for granted. I give my boys vitamins daily with breakfast. To think for just a quarter I could help a child get vitamin A for a year. Awesome charity!

  40. I did not realize that so many children in the U.S. are suffering from undernutrition. That’s very startling. Thank you for supporting such a great cause.

  41. It continues to amaze me that nutrition and lack thereof is still a problem in 2014. It just shouldn’t be, you know? Glad to know that a quarter can make such a difference for some of those kids.

  42. What a great charity to contribute to. I know here in the states we have a lot of very impoverished areas that really could use this.

  43. I hate knowing how many children are in need but then again that’s what compels us to action. I love that there are companies that help out.

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