10 Everyday Kitchen Tips

10 Everyday Kitchen Tips You Should Be Using

Anyone who has ever spent time in the kitchen knows that things sometimes don’t go as planned. Being prepared and informed can help to avoid mistakes but too much stress can turn cooking into a chore. Time in the kitchen should be about enjoying delicious meals and less about the frustrations that come along with cooking. Use these 10 everyday kitchen tips to simplify everyday kitchen tasks and streamline your dinner productivity. Please note that this post contains affiliate links.

10 Everyday Kitchen Tips You Should Be Using

1- Onions are notorious tearjerkers but you shouldn’t have to cry to enjoy their fresh flavor. Try running the onion under a cold tap while cutting it to reduce eye irritation. (Soaking the onions in water for a few moments is a similar method.)

2- Have you ever made dry chicken for dinner? Avoid this mishap and bake chicken in aluminum foil packets to retain moisture and tenderness.

3- When cooking with spices, including salt and pepper, remember to pour out what you need into your hand or into a measuring spoon. Adding spices and seasonings over a boiling pot will eventually make the spices solidify and render them no longer usable.

4- Take control in your kitchen. When using a cutting board or a mixing bowl, place a damp towel or paper towel underneath to prevent slipping. Increase efficiency and prevent spills and accidents with one move.

5- Need to julienne or shred some veggies but lack on time? Use a potato peeler to quickly and easily tackle carrots, cucumber, zucchini and more.

6- Kitchen fires happen sometimes. Stay safe and be prepared with an extra box of baking soda. If such an emergency arises, shaking or tossing baking soda onto the flames will extinguish it quickly. Keep in a cabinet or area near your stove for easy access just in case.

7- Do you ever get sticky spills in your refrigerator? Place a damp towel or paper towel over the mess and come back to it later. The moisture will help loosen it for easier clean up.

8- Find out quickly how fresh the eggs in your fridge are. Place eggs in a bowl of water, enough to submerge them completely. If the egg lays at the bottom, it’s fresh. If it stands up on the bottom, it’s usable but not as fresh. If the egg floats, it’s no good and should be thrown away.

9- Using leftovers is a great way to save money but sacrificing taste and texture shouldn’t be part of the equation. To help leftover foods from becoming dried out in the microwave, place a damp paper towel over them while reheating. (This works especially well for take out food too.) Enjoy!

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10- Sometimes making cookies is an impulse idea; Too bad the butter in your fridge isn’t on the same page. If you need to soften butter quickly, try cutting it into smaller pieces to speed up the process. You’ll be one step closer to those cookies!

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What other great tips, tricks, and gadgets do you use in your kitchen?

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