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An Interview with Molly Ringwald on Motherhood, Inner Beauty and Self Esteem #BeautyStory

An Interview with Molly Ringwald on Motherhood, Inner Beauty and Self Esteem #BeautyStory

Molly Ringwald on Motherhood, Inner Beauty and Self Esteem

Recently, I had the chance to sit down and chat with Molly Ringwald. Yes, I got to interview THE Molly Ringwald! She was the keynote speaker at Mom 2.0 Summit this year on behalf of Dove. The conference was incredibly inspirational with the unveiling of the new Dove Beauty Stories: Four Generations campaign and film. There couldn’t have been a more appropriate keynote speaker than Molly Ringwald. Molly is a mother of three, as well as a talented and accomplished actor, musician, and author.

Molly Ringwald at Mom 2.0

Talking with Molly, I got a sense of how down-to-earth and grounded she is which is really quite remarkable for someone who grew up so publicly. Although the focus of our conversation was on inner beauty, I do have to point out how AMAZING she looks. Motherhood has been good to her.

Let’s chat with Molly Ringwald about motherhood, inner beauty and self esteem!

Being a child celebrity had to be intimidating. What helped keep you grounded?

Molly: My mom had a lot to do with that and my Dad. I have them to thank for giving me a good foundation, to feel strong enough and independent enough to go off on my own and do what I wanted to do. I think that relationship with my parents was just hugely important for me and I try to give that to my kids as well.

Is there anyone in particular or advice that helped you find your inner beauty?

Molly: For one thing I stopped reading reviews. Also, my parents and my studio teacher that I had when I was younger really had a big influence on me.

Who is beautiful to you?

Molly: My daughters and my son. I think of my children.

Is there anything you do with your daughters to help boost their self esteem and confidence?

Molly: Like i was raised, I try to encourage their inner beauty and inner strength. We talk a lot about being healthy, happy and confident. And not looking at food as demonizing. Not having it be something they can’t have but everything in moderation. If you are eating this food know that you are feeding your brain and making your body strong. It’s not about having to look like that girl in that ad.

We have different rituals that we do together. My little girl is very girly so we do manis and pedis and girly hairdos together. My older daughter is really against gender bias and isn’t a fan of the color pink at all, although her mom did a movie called Pretty in Pink. She is actually coming out of that a little bit, as she is becoming a teenager. She is becoming more feminine but with a strong attitude. I try to support whoever she wants to be.

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Chatting with Molly was an absolute delight. I was thrilled to get this picture with her.

Molly Ringwald on Motherhood, Inner Beauty and Self Esteem

Something else I learned at Mom 2.0 is that Molly’s father is blind. During the keynote session, Molly spoke about how her father’s blindness was a blessing. When she was growing up there wasn’t an emphasis on outer beauty, instead what was on the inside. What a blessing indeed.

A new Dove Study Shows Mothers More Likely to Influence Daughters’ Beauty Habits than Celebrities. I am not at all surprised by these results as my own Mom is my greatest influence in life and all things beauty inspired. She encouraged me to be my own person, a unique individual. That’s my beauty story. What’s yours?

Many thanks to Dove for the opportunity to interview Molly Ringwald. I am a huge fan of the Dove #BeautyStory campaign. Head on over to Dove Beauty Bar to watch the Dove Beauty Stories: Four Generations film. Then celebrate the real women who have inspired you by sharing your own #BeautyStory with @Dove.

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