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Back-To-School: Get Organized

Back-To-School: Get Organized

get organized for back to school

back to school

Back to School Organization

Back-to-school can be a hectic time. You can make the transition easier by getting organized.

Create Calendar Central. Each school year brings on added activities. You now have school activities, school meetings, volunteer work, extracurricular activities, and lunch menus to contend with. Creating a Central Calendar is key to keeping track of all of this. Post a calendar with large squares in a central location to keep track of important dates. A dry erase board with colored coded entries will keep your busy lives straight.

Drop Zone. A centralized dropping point for backpacks is a good idea. Designate a basket for school papers and forms to go right into, when your child gets home.

Set up a homework nook. It’s important that kids have their own work spaces and a place to keep their supplies. It’s a good idea to have this set up before the school year begins and assignments start rolling in. A mobile work center may better suit older kids that may need to move to the computer to do research.

Confirm Emergency Contacts and Carpool. Your emergency contacts and carpool from last year may not be available anymore, so it’s a good idea to confirm. You’ll probably want to have at least 2 emergency contacts in place. Make sure your child knows who is on the list.

Purchase school supplies.
Plan before you shop. An informed shopper is a savvy shopper, so prepare before you shop. Many schools now have a list of suggested school supplies listed on their web site, so you can purchase what you need prior to the first day of school. Otherwise, your child’s teacher will most likely send home a list of necessary supplies. By working from a list you will avoid unnecessary purchases. Look for sales on school supplies – most retailers have deep discounts on school supplies just before school starts.

Taking time to get organized before school begins will make the Back-to-School transition less stressful for the entire family.

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  • These are excellent tips. I think the calendar is the most important item on the list – with how busy parents are, it can be easy to forget something!

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