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Bath Time Tips for Safe Bathing

Bath Time Tips for Safe Bathing

Bath Time Tips for Safe Bathing

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sterling for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Do you have this new little squiggly bundle of joy who is growing like a weed? For such a cute little things, babies sure do get messy. And it doesn’t change as they get older. If anything the messes just get bitter. Bath time for baby can be both fun and a great bonding experience. But it can also be dangerous. It can be just as difficult with toddlers and young children due to more mobility. I you can’t take your eyes off of them for a second in the bath tub.

Bath Time Tips for Safe Bathing

There are ways to make sure that bath time for your little one is a safe and happy experience.

1. Always check the temperature.  Babies and young children have much more sensitive skin that adults do. So what might feel fine to you, can still burn baby. Use a bath thermometer. They come in a lot of cute designs and decorations. If you are stuck and do not have one available, Use the inside of your wrist. The skin is thinner and it makes for a more accurate gauge.

2. Never leave the baby near the running water. The water temperature can change very fast and in doing so be too hot for the baby. Never put the baby or child in the bath until after the water is filled and you have check it.

3. Keep adult soaps and shampoos away from the children. Many of these cleaners can burn their eyes and for some kids, even give their skins a painful reaction if they are sensitive to it.

4. Never leave young children or babies in the tub alone. We all know that we shouldn’t leave children alone, but sometimes we think, I am only walking into the other room to grab their clothes or something like that. It is always dangerous to leave your baby or young child alone. Even for a second. It take less than a blink of the eye for something to happen that can be avoided by just not walking away.

Bath Time Tips for Safe Bathing

5. Make it easier. When you are trying to wash up your baby, a great way to keep a baby safe in the tub is to just make it easier to give them a bath. Sterling shower doors with ComforTrack technology make bath time safer and more comfortable for the whole family. The cushioned threshold bends to applied pressure which allows you to kneel, sit, or lean on the track, so you can easily reach in for cleaning baby, pets or just cleaning the tub. The ComforTrack comes on both the shower and bath doors, and that is especially helpful when giving baby, or even pets, a bath.

Do you have a routine that you use to keep baby safe in the tub? What are your tips and tricks?

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