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Safer First Phone for Kids - Gabb Wireless

I found the perfect first phone for kids that has no internet access or harmful apps. There is also a GPS tracking feature to give parents peace of mind. This affordable kids phone offers a monthly service option with no contract, as well as a warranty plan.

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tween girl holding out her first cell phone from Gabb Wireless

Why do I think Gabb is the best first phone for kids?

It can be difficult finding a phone for kids that is safe. Gabb Wireless is a safer phone for kids, providing the ability to call and text without access to the internet and apps. Because of my work, I spend a lot of time on social media and I’m not ready to give my tween unlimited access to what’s out there. Some may say I’m an overprotective parent, but I make no apologies. However, I do want us to be able to reach each other at any time, especially in case of an emergency.

There are some great features like a GPS system that provides your family privacy, security, and safety from the ground up. The ‘Find My Phone’ function allows you to find lost devices and play an audible sound for ease.

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Gabb Wireless isn’t your typical smartphone. You get all the great features of a smartphone like unlimited calling, texting, and even a front and back camera WITHOUT the worry of internet access or apps that aren’t age appropriate. I love that my 12-year-old can always reach me now and I don’t have to worry about inappropriate content on social media apps and ALL THE THINGS we moms worry about when it comes to our kids and the internet.

girl smiling while using her first phone

Features that make Gabb Wireless the best cell phone for a kid:

  • No Social Media
  • No Games
  • No Internet
  • Includes GPS tracking
  • can download music
  • has a FM radio
  • camera built in
  • with bluetooth
  • calculator
  • flashlight
  • looks like a smartphone
  • No contract – you can cancel anytime!

In full disclosure, Gabb provided my family with a phone and service to try out. My tween has had her phone for a little over a month now and we are both loving it so far. She’s glad to finally have her own phone and I have peace of mind knowing I can reach her at anytime and we are doing it in the safest way possible.

Be sure to visit Gabb Wireless via this link and use Promo Code ABOUTAMOM to receive $50 off your new phone or watch through June 8, 2022.

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