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Bubble Wrap Flower Craft

Bubble Wrap Flower Craft

Bubble Wrap Flowers Craft for Kids

Bubble wrap is the best. We all know how much fun it is to pop, but it’s also super fun to use in crafting. We made this flower craft using bubble wrap and paint.

Fun springtime flower craft for kids using bubble wrap.

As soon as the last signs of winter disappear and the weather starts to warm up, I’m ready to plant flowers. Unfortunately, we can get snow into March and even got snow in April a couple years ago. This winter saw very little snow or even very cold temperatures, so I’m hoping to get a jump start on planting flowers. In the meantime, the kids and I are crafting flowers.

Bubble Wrap Flower Craft


  • Small paper plate (dessert size)
  • Bubble wrap
  • Paint (The picture shows acrylic. Tempera works great too, we just have more options in acrylic.)
  • Craft sticks (We used the wider craft sticks)
  • Green paper-card stock or foam paper works great
  • Glue (or tape)

Fun springtime flower craft for kids using bubble wrap.


1. Paint craft sticks green for the stem and allow to dry.

2. Cut a piece of bubble wrap (good sharp scissors work best) slightly larger than the paper plate.

3. Add paint to a your dish (we used a regular sized paper plate) and press down on the bubble wrap (bubble side down), moving it around to make sure the entire piece of bubble wrap is covered with paint. You can also use a paint brush to apply the paint to the bubble wrap.

Fun springtime bubble wrap craft for kids.

4. Place bubble wrap covered in paint over your paper plate and press down.

5. Pull the bubble wrap off your plate and see your design.

6. Cut 2 leaves from green paper and glue onto your painted craft stick.

7. Glue or tape the paper plate to the craft stick to make a flower craft.

Fun springtime flower craft for kid using bubble wrap.

Squishing the bubble wrap to apply the paint onto the paper plate is a fun sensory experience and I love the pattern it makes on the plates.

Fun springtime flower craft for kids using bubble wrap.

Written by About a Mom contributor, Kim. Kim, the mama behind The Resourceful Mama, is a medical social worker turned stay at home mom to three. She enjoys sharing simple crafts and activities, parenting and homemaking tips, and a lot of holiday fun.

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