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Cozy Up this Winter with a Novosbed Silk Duvet

Cozy Up this Winter with a Novosbed Silk Duvet

Cozy Up this Winter with a Novosbed Silk Duvet

Most people that know me are aware that I am a very cold natured person. I typically carry a cardigan or light jacket with me year round. Thanks to early menopause I now find myself fluctuating between hot and cold. Sleeping comfortably can be challenging at times. Fortunately, I received a Novosbed Silk Duvet to review just in time for the cool weather.

Cozy Up this Winter with a Novosbed Silk Duvet

We have had some rather chilly temps at night these past few weeks, giving me a chance to experience the comfort of my new silk duvet from Novosbed. There are 4 things that quickly come to mind, as I think about why I like this duvet so much – comfort, warmth, luxury and allergy free.

Comfort – The Novosbed Silk Duvet has a few things going for it when it comes to comfort. The duvet is 100% Mulberry Silk-filled, with a 300 thread count white 100% cotton cover. The cover is oh-so soft and silky. My dog, Winston, thinks so too. He has tried to claim this blanket as his own. Since I can’t seem to keep the dogs off the bed, I am very happy with how well the duvet washes. This is also something to keep in mind, if you have young children at home. It’s nice to not have to worry so much about accidents and spills.

Cozy Up this Winter with a Novosbed Silk Duvet

Unlike other comforters and duvets I have had in the past, the Novosbed Silk Duvet has a quilted pattern which keeps the silk filling from bunching up – even after washing.

Silk fibers have a natural moisture wicking property to ensure you sleep comfortably dry. Remember the menopause that I mentioned? The moisture wicking properties of the duvet are especially nice when you wake up with a hot flash.

Cozy Up this Winter with a Novosbed Silk Duvet

Warmth – Silk is a natural insulator, making the duvet exquisitely warm even in its lightweight form. I was really surprised by how lightweight the duvet is, while still making me feel so warm and cozy. I have a feeling this duvet will keep my warm on our coldest nights this winter.

Luxury – At home my preference for decor is shabby chic, but when traveling I absolutely love that luxury hotel vibe. After a long day of travel, it’s always so nice to lie down on the crisp white bedding. The Novosbed duvet is the perfect way for me to get that hotel feel in my own bedroom.

Hotel Luxury at Home with a Novosbed Silk Duvet

Hypo-allergenic – Mulberry silk fibers naturally repel dust mites and bugs, depriving them of the moisture they need to survive. If you are allergic to feathers and down comforters, you don’t have to worry with this duvet. Silk is hypo-allergenic, and is great for people with allergies.

Novosbed Silk Duvet

I’m looking forward to staying cozy this winter with my Novosbed Silk Duvet.

Visit to learn more about this Silk Duvet. They also have a variety of pillows available. Connect with Novosbed on Facebook and Twitter.

What helps you sleep well at night?

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