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Creating a More Comfortable Home for Aging Parents

Creating a More Comfortable Home for Aging Parents

Many of you know that my Mom, Laura, lives with me. It’s an arrangement that works well for our whole family. We are right down the road from my brother’s house, making it easy for Mom to help out with her grandchildren. I wish she had lived with me when my son was younger and still living at home. It’s a big help having Grandma around. Since we write this blog together, it’s so convenient for us to be under the same roof. Blogging can be a 24/7 job at times. Thanks to Premier Care Bathing for sponsoring today’s discussion about aging parents – something that affects all families.

Since Mom retired, I have really been pushing her to travel and see the world. Just last week, I tried so hard to convince her to go with a travel group to Europe for two weeks, and again she resisted. She finally told me that she wants to spend what time she has left with her grandchildren, not traveling the world. How can I argue with that? We’ll have to stick to family vacations.

Creating a Safer and More Comfortable Home for Aging Parents

Family is a priority for Mom, so as she ages I want to be prepared to make whatever changes necessary to our house to keep her living at home with family. She is still very active and in good health for her age. In fact, she is quick to point out that she gets around better than I do. Yet, as I saw with my Grandmother, this can change at anytime.

Mom is really enjoying her golden years, doing things with her grandchildren like trips to the aquarium and craft projects.

Creating a Safer and More Comfortable Home for Aging Parents

My Mom has spent her entire life taking care of her children and grandchildren, now it’s time for us to start thinking about caring for her.

Creating a Safer and More Comfortable Home for Aging Parents

We all care about having a safe and comfortable home. As our parents and grandparents age, there are some simple and inexpensive changes we can make to ensure our aging loved ones stay safe. Here are a few changes I plan to incorporate in my own home, as Mom gets older. They might be helpful for you as well.

1. Move furniture around. Something as simple as moving your furniture around can help prevent falls and accidents. Move things around to ensure there is plenty of wide open space to get around, and cover any sharp corners or edges.

3. Consider purchasing a new bed and/or bed rails. An adjustable bed can be beneficial for seniors, making it easier to get in and out of bed and sleep comfortably.

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4. Alerts or call buttons. There are many different products available that your loved one can use to call for help with the press of a button, in case of an emergency.

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5. Bathroom safety. Install rails in the bathroom. Consider investing in a walk in tub. Stepping over the side of the tub is dangerous for the elderly. Premier Care in Bathing has walk-in tubs, which are great for aging parents, or anyone with pain, arthritis, stress, or physical disabilities. Visit the Premier Care website to grab a brochure, and learn about their monthly payment options starting as low as $150.

Have you thought about how to make your home more comfortable for your aging parent?

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