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Be Confident & Stay on Track for New Year’s Wellness Goals

Be Confident & Stay on Track for New Year’s Wellness Goals

Did you begin the new year with new healthy lifestyle goals? It can be difficult to stay the course. Use these tips to stay on track for New Year's wellness goals.

Did you begin the new year with health and wellness goals? For so many of us, it can be difficult to stay the course as the months go by. I began my personal wellness journey nearly 5 years ago. I was considered obese at the time, had high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. I have COPD and bladder issues that sometimes made it difficult for me to exercise, but more often than not I think I used it as an excuse to stay in my comfort zone. That realization was a breakthrough for me. Having the right mindset is a huge part of living a healthy lifestyle. I’ve come such a long way in 5 years but it hasn’t always been easy. I heard a statistic recently that 80% of people who made new year resolutions will have dropped them by February, so I thought now would be the perfect time to share some of my tips to stay on track for new year wellness goals.

This post is sponsored by Depend®, all opinions are my own.

Did you begin the new year with new healthy lifestyle goals? It can be difficult to stay the course. Use these tips to stay on track for new year wellness goals.

Tips to Stay on Track for New Year’s Wellness Goals

Be realistic.

Make sure your wellness goals are realistic. Don’t set yourself up for failure by setting an unattainable goal. Sure, you may want to lower your cholesterol by 20 points or lose 60 pounds but it isn’t going to happen overnight. You are more likely to succeed by breaking down your overall wellness plan into small, achievable goals. This way you are less likely to get discouraged and give up.

Define your WHY.

I think it is very important to truly understand your reason for setting a goal or resolution and make sure you are doing it for all the right reasons. If your goal is driven by something like living a long and healthy life for your family, it will be easier to stay on track. One of the things that set me on my own health and wellness journey a few years ago was the difficulty that I was having keeping up with my child. I loved doing things like visiting theme parks with her, but being overweight made that difficult for me. I had little to no energy. It was hard carrying all of that extra weight around. I felt like a new person after losing more than 60 pounds. The pandemic of 2020 and turning 50 this past summer, has renewed my desire to be as healthy as I can be. There are so many things I still want to do in my life and I want to be well enough to do them all.

woman walking outside for fitness

Find ways to overcome obstacles.

For example, don’t get sidelined by something like bladder leakage which affects women of all ages. A leaky bladder is no joking matter. Whether you are postpartum or an older woman, having a leaky bladder can be a real inconvenience and even embarrassing at times. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. As someone who has dealt with bladder issues most of her adult life, I understand the importance of having protection that makes you feel confident and secure. Depend® Silhouette® underwear, available at Walmart, can be there for you no matter what stage of life you’re in and can help you be your most confident and comfortable self.

For postpartum women, you can be prepared. For older women, you can feel empowered. Depend Silhouette underwear is perfect to have in your hospital bag for after you give birth to your little one as well!

The sleek design of Depend Silhouette is so discrete you can wear them with your yoga pants! I have had multiple bladder procedures and have tried a lot of different products for bladder leakage over the years and am incredibly impressed with the fit of Depend Silhouette women’s underwear. The smooth fabric fits like shapewear and looks terrific under skinny jeans and leggings, while still providing the absorption and odor control you need for bladder leaks.

Don't let bladder incontinence keep you from staying on track with new year wellness goals. Be protected and confident with Depend Silhouette incontinence underwear for women.

What I love is that the Silhouette incontinence underwear looks nothing like a diaper and feels nothing like a diaper. It is discreet and comfortable protection in underwear that you can’t get from wearing a pad that might not always stay in place.

woman wearing depend silhouette

The comfortable leg elastics help prevent leaks and lend further to the sleek and smooth lines that look terrific under your workout pants or jeans.

I love how Depend Silhouette feel and fit under my favorite rock star skinny jeans!

Did you begin the new year with new healthy lifestyle goals? It can be difficult to stay the course. Use these tips to stay on track for new year wellness goals.

Throughout my health and wellness journey, I have gained a lot of confidence. All of the hard work has been paying off. I may still have a few pounds to lose and more strength training to do, but I feel good. Better than ever. I have truly come to love living a healthier lifestyle and I feel like that has impacted other parts of my life in such a positive way.

If bladder leakage is something you worry about, you’ll be glad to know that Depend Silhouette products are conveniently available in-store and via Walmart Online Pickup & Delivery, order HERE.

shopping for depend silhouette at walmart

Make it fun.

I encourage you to find ways to make your new healthy habits enjoyable. If fitness is your goal, get outside and explore new walking trails or try something new – maybe go kayaking on the weekend. If eating a healthier diet is part of your new year’s wellness plan, try experimenting with new, fresh ingredients.

Did you begin the new year with new healthy lifestyle goals? It can be difficult to stay the course. Use these tips to stay on track for new year wellness goals.

Surround yourself with others of like mind.

Having a support system is so important. I have always found it helpful to have an accountability partner or just someone to cheer me on and help me celebrate my accomplishments. It’s even better if you have someone to go on your wellness journey with you. Andy and I walk together almost every day. It’s the part of the day that I look forward to the most. If you don’t have that someone, I encourage you to look for Facebook groups or use a fitness app where you can connect with people with similar goals. Find your tribe.

Be creative.

Does the pandemic have you staying away from the gym? Find ways to do your fitness outside or in your own home. Here in Florida, I have the luxury of walking outdoors most of the year. If that doesn’t work for you, I encourage you to browse YouTube for workout videos. There are so many fun ways to stay fit indoors. Have a dance party with your kids! I recently started doing a barre workout at home that is great for stretching, balance, and flexibility.

woman exercising at home

Get plenty of rest.

Getting enough sleep is one of the easiest and most important things you can do for your overall health and wellbeing. I know, it seems like such an obvious tip. But, when was the last time you got a good night’s sleep? If you’re a busy parent like me, it’s probably been a while. Find ways to wind down and relax, before bedtime. Reading usually does the trick for me.

woman resting in bed

Be proud.

Whether they are big or small, be proud of your accomplishments. Give yourself a pat on the back and be confident and proud of where you are right now. Whatever your health and wellness goals are for this year, you’ve got this. Don’t let setbacks keep you down. And, remember that slow and steady wins the race. Take your time and make small, healthy lifestyle changes you can live with for the long term.

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