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DIY Holiday Fun with Elmer’s Painters | Painted Mugs & Cookie Plates

DIY Holiday Fun with Elmer’s Painters | Painted Mugs & Cookie Plates

DIY Painted Mugs and Santa Cookie Plate

DIY Holiday Fun Painted Mugs and Santa Cookie Plate

Have you used any of the Elmer’s Painters® products yet? The acrylic paint markers are great for easy and mess-free painting on almost any surface. They were perfect for a project I did with my daughter, daughter-in-law, and granddaughters recently. Many thanks to Elmer’s for sponsoring this fun diy holiday project.

Doing DIY and craft projects is a fun way for us to get in some quality girl time.

Holiday Fun with Elmer's Painters - Painted Mugs and Santa Cookie Plate

We made some diy painted mugs for the holidays, along with some Santa cookie plates. Santa eats lots of cookies at our house!

What I love about the Elmer’s Painters Paint Markers is that the paint is permanent and won’t wash away. Plus, they are non-toxic and acid free.

DIY Painted Mugs with Elmer's Painters Paint Markers

For this project, I picked up some plain white mugs and plates from our local dollar store. We also used Painters Neon Brights Paint Markers – Medium Tip 5 Pack, Bright Colors Medium Tip 5 Pack, and the Super Tip Paint Pen in Black.

The paint flows smoothly from the pens. Becca and Maddie are usually pretty messy when it comes to crafting – pretty much everything. We had almost no mess while doing this project, which is highly unusual, especially for a painting project.

Elmer's Painters Paint Markers - DIY Painted Mugs and Santa Cookie Plate

Here’s a tip: Keep some wet paper towels handy. When using these paint markers on ceramic, if you mess up you can wipe it clean and start over. Just make sure you get it right away, before the paint starts to dry.

Can you tell that Maddie is proud of her math score? She put this on one side of her candy cane mug.

DIY Painted Mugs

Rebecca is equally talented. Check out this snowman art!

DIY Santa Cookie Plate and Painted Mug

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Someone’s going to be drinking her hot cocoa in style this winter!

Tip: Decorated items should be sprayed with clear acrylic sealer to increase paint durability, and make them washable.

DIY Painted Mugs for Christmas

I am just loving how this project turned out, and we had a lot of fun. I think something like this would be a nice homemade holiday gift for someone. It’s an affordable project that friends and loved ones are sure to appreciate.

We are already planning our next Elmer’s Painters project. The girls want to paint some canvas sneakers and tote bags. You can use the paint markers on wood, plastic, clay, ceramic, glass, metal, foam board, fabric, terracotta and more. The possibilities for craft and diy projects are endless!

Do you think this would be a fun project for you and your family?

Painters® Paint Markers are as fresh and fun as the projects they create! These colorful opaque acrylic paint markers are perfect for decorating, drawing and personalizing almost any surface. Available in a variety of colors & tips, they are fast drying, permanent, streak-free, non-toxic & acid free. Express Yourself™! Follow Elmer’s on Instagram & Pinterest.

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Elmer’s via Mode Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Elmer’s.”

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  • I like this safe method. A lot of people recommend drawing on dishes with Sharpie markers, but they can leech toxic chemicals into food or drinks.

  • This is so cute! My little brother would love this to make for his friends! I love personalized gifts, too – it really shows that a l ot of though went into the gift, not just something picked out of a store. Wonderful craft!!

  • I’m pretty crafty, burt I never heard of Elmer’s paints – where have I been!!! I love this idea of painting plates and mugs and I can imagine having fun with t-shirts, hand-sewn pillows, favorite chair!

  • I’m planning on doing this for a Christmas present for my dad… but I have a question. What type of acrylic sealant are you supposed to use to help these last longer? I saw on the Elmer’s website that they recommended baking the mugs and spraying them with a sealant.. but I’m not sure which are food safe and would stick to glass

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