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Dog Biscuit Holiday Wreath

Dog Biscuit Holiday Wreath

Dog Biscuit Holiday Wreath

While digging through some boxes of old magazines and clippings, I came across a page I had torn out with the most adorable dog biscuit holiday wreath I have ever seen… so maybe it’s the only dog biscuit wreath I have ever seen, but it’s still really cute. I haven’t a clue how old the clipping was, but judging by the yellowing of the page it’s been in that box for a long while. For the last 25 years or so I’ve been tearing out recipes and crafts from magazines. I always find so many hidden treasures when I dig through those boxes.

I’ve made a few of these wreaths and plan to give them out to some of my relatives and friends with dogs for Christmas, and maybe even take one to our Veterinarian’s office.

Since there is no glue used, this wreath will make a nice little holiday snack for your dog.

Dog Biscuit Holiday Wreath

What You’ll Need
Milkbone dog biscuits (I used the small size)
ribbon 3/8″ in width (2-7 inch pieces for each biscuit)

Use a plate or other round object to trace your wreath form. I used a 6″ plate and a 4 1/4″ lid from my cupboard. Basically, you want the biscuit to be slightly larger than thickness of the wreath.

Place the dog biscuits around the wreath form, to get an idea of how many you will need.

For each dog biscuit, cut out 2 pieces of ribbon 6 1/2 to 7 inches long. If you’re are using larger dog biscuits you will need longer pieces of ribbon.

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Secure each dog biscuit to the wreath form by crisscrossing the ribbons over the top, tying the ends of ribbon together on the backside to secure.

Trim any excess ribbon from the back.

Make a simple bow with some ribbon and attach it to the wreath with a twist tie.

If you’re feeling ambitious, you can make your own dog biscuits.

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