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Fall Decoupage Candle Holder Dollar Store Craft Project

Fall Decoupage Candle Holder Dollar Store Craft Project

Inexpensive Fall Candle Holder Decoupage Project

Fall Decoupage Candle Holder Dollar Store Craft Project

I feel like a treasure hunter whenever I visit my local dollar store. I never know what $1 gems I’m going to find that can be transformed into something wonderful. On one of my most recent visits I found some pretty paper napkins with a fall leaf pattern. My mind immediately went to decoupage, so I went to find some glass vases. This simple fall decoupage candle holder dollar store craft project turned out so cute and only cost about $5 to make. I ended up gifting this to my daughter-in-law, because I already have way too much fall decor thanks to many dollar store crafts I’ve done in the past. It’s my favorite time of the year!

What You’ll Need:

fall leaves (cut from paper napkins or silk leaves)
Modge Podge
small glass vases
medium size paint brush

Using a paint brush, smear Modge Podge all over the outside of your vases.

Fall Decoupage Candle Holder Dollar Store Craft Project

Place your first layer of leaves right onto the Modge Podge. Brush over them with some additional Modge Podge. Add some more leaves, slightly overlapping them if you like. Continue adding leaves and Modge Podge until your vase is significantly covered.

Give the candle holders a stippled effect by gently dabbing the candle holder with the end of your paint brush.

Allow to dry over night.

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  • My favorite type of crafting is decoupage. This is a great idea and I’m pinning it. I have my 9 year old niece coming to stay with me over Christmas break and we are going to do a lot of baking. But I also want to do crafts with her so she can make homemade gifts for her mom and dad. I think I found a gift she and I can do together. 🙂

  • Looks great! Modge Podge is the best. I remember one year, it was THE thing to do to get those black industrial-looking lunchboxes (the ones with the domed, top, you know?), that a lot of construction workers worker. Then we would decoupage them, with Modge Podge, and use them as handbags. Some of them were really stunning! Now I’m in the mood to do that again!

  • These vases look beautiful! I’ve never thought of using paper napkins or the The Dollar Store. You are so creative!! 🙂

  • What a great idea. Now I just need to find a space that isn’t already occupied by either candles or other fall decorations.

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