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Family Loves Notes + FREE Printable

Family Loves Notes + FREE Printable

Family Love Notes + FREE Printable. hero

My children love to receive “sweet something” notes from me. I decided that during Valentine week I would make it a point each day to leave them a sweet note handwritten from me, or a piece of candy, a prayer card or a poem.

This idea was born a few weeks ago when my oldest son started leaving sweet notes in each of our bedrooms for us to find every morning.  So, I thought that it would be nice for each child to create their own Valentine mailbox of sorts.  We made these adorable family love notes mailboxes!  {The kids made one for both my husband and I so that they could leave us sweet notes too}

Family Love Notes. final

{We just HAD to include Coco, the family bunny}

Here are the steps and FREE printable so that you too can create family loves notes!  Enjoy!



1. Cut one of the paper plates in half and place the half piece, face down, on top of the full plate to form a “pocket”

plate cutplate final 1

2. Let the children decorate the plates as they desire.  We used markers, crayons and BINGO daubers.

3. Print either the black and white or  color copy of the FREE Hearts and Name printable.

4. Cut out hearts, color them and glue them to the top of the full paper plate.

5. Cut out the rectangle name card and write child’s name on it and then glue it to the bottom half of the plate where the “pocket” is.

6. Use a stapler to staple the half plate, face down, to the top of the full plate.  This leaves a “pocket” in the bottom half for the love notes.

7. Optional:  Use tape to hold the half plate, face down, to the bottom of the full plate.  Use a hole punch to then “thread” some pink or red yarn through the holes in the plates. 


Family Love Notes. hole punch and yarn

8. Once their “love note mailbox” is finished, we stapled them to the wall on the outside of their bedroom doors. Tip: You could also use command strips or hang it from a hook with string if you’d rather not staple it to the wall.

Family Love Notes. hang up

I can’t wait until they come home from school each day Valentine week to find a love note or sweet something from mommy! If you enjoyed this, I think you’ll also like this DIY Valentine ABC Game.

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

Written by About a Mom contributor, Mandy Mae. Mandy is a wife, mother, teacher, and frugal-DIY-enthusiast. Hoping to inspire mothers to take action in making a positive influence in the lives of their children with simple DIY, crafting, thrifting, and teaching projects. You can see more from Mandy Mae on her blog

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