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Favorite Summer Vacation Destinations in the South

Favorite Summer Vacation Destinations in the South

Favorite Summer Vacation Destinations in the South

Throughout the year my family enjoys planning our summer vacation. It’s something we look forward to during the cold winter months. We are very fortunate to live in the South where there are many fabulous cities to visit, and a variety of landscapes from sandy beaches to majestic mountains. From our home in Georgia, there are so many great places we can visit that are no more than a day away by car. With a large family, road trips seem to work out best, and spending a few hours in the car can surprisingly be a lot of fun.

Favorite Summer Vacation Destinations in the South

When planning our trips, I look for all inclusive resorts or hotels that are located close to the attractions that we plan to visit.  I try to spend as little time as possible in the car, once we’ve reached our destination city. Some of our past summer vacations have been spent in Florida, North Carolina, and right here in Georgia. We hope to add Virginia and South Carolina to the list very soon.

The Beach is a sure bet for a great family vacation. There are many beautiful sandy beaches along the south-east coastline, and on into Florida. Our beach vacations are always very laid back, full of lazy days of sun bathing, playing in the surf, and collecting shells. I always make sure to pack plenty of sunscreen!

The Mountains of North Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee are so beautiful in the summertime. During our trips to the mountains, we’ve enjoyed hiking and searching for waterfalls. A waterfall always makes such a great photo opp. Fishing in the mountain rivers is a good time, and we seem to always end up with many funny stories to tell later.

If a city vacation is what you want, there are many large cities in the South from Atlanta to Miami. As the kids get older, I find that we enjoy even more the shopping and dining options that a big city has to offer. The photo below is of Atlanta’s Centennial Park at night.

Summer Vacation Destinations in the South

Amusement parks are always a big draw for the kids on summer trips, and the south has plenty of those to offer – not just in Orlando either. The Busch Gardens amusements park can also be found in Williamsburg, Virginia. Summer just wouldn’t be the same without a screaming our heads off on a roller coaster.

The South has a very rich history and there are many historical museums and attractions to choose from, especially in cities like Williamsburg. I’m hoping we’ll soon make a road trip to that historic city. I think the whole family would enjoy visiting all of the historical attractions and museums. The kids will especially enjoy visiting the Busch Gardens amusement park in Williamsburg, to ride the world class roller coasters. I personally am interested in all of great dining and shopping options available!

Escape to Williamsburg and experience the best of America- modern take on history, richly conveyed in a multi-faceted region brimming with fun, culture, and culinary delights. Inside and out, charming adventures lure the explorer in us all to discover the fascinating, inspiring, and relaxing moments found in this national treasure. – make your nest vacation the Best Trip Ever!

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Williamsburg Area Destination Marketing Committee via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Williamsburg Area Destination Marketing Committee.

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