Firmoo Eye Glasses – A Review

Recently, I received an email from a company named Firmoo with the subject line ‘Firmoo is Sending Out Free Glasses to Bloggers’. Free glasses…REALLY? I am so glad that I didn’t hit delete which was my first instinct, because I am really happy with my stylin’ new Firmoo eye glasses (see picture below)! What do you think?

Firmoo Eye Glasses

Firmoo Eye Glasses

I’ve reviewed a lot of things since starting this blog, but eye glasses is something I never would have dreamed of. Don’t you have to go to they eye doctor for new glasses? It turns out that I did have to pay a visit to the doc, but only to get a new prescription. You see, I was looong overdue for a new pair of specs. As luck would have it, I found a deal in town for a $29 eye exam.

After getting my new script, I headed over to the Firmoo web site to check out some frames. It took a little time to find the perfect pair of frames, because there were a lot of them to choose from. I searched by shape, designer, and material until I found the beauty you see resting on my face. I had fun with the Virtual Try-on tool. You simply upload a head shot of yourself, mark your pupils, and try on the glasses…virtually. When uploading your image, they ask for your PD which I couldn’t find on my prescription. It turns out this is the distance between your two pupils. I was able to measure it with a ruler, starting at the center of one pupil and going straight across to the center of the next one. It worked just fine this way.

I think that the next time I am bored, I will upload pictures of the dogs and see how they would look with glasses. Sounds fun, right?!

Firmoo Eye Glasses Try-on Tool

One thing that struck me as odd was how inexpensive most of the frames were, starting as low as $8.00. I did a little research and found that the company was legit. I came across some reviews by other bloggers who seemed happy with their new glasses. Also, I learned that online eyeglass companies with low overhead are able to offer frames direct to consumers at a fraction of what you would pay at the optometrist’s office. That works for me!

With the same price, you can buy 8 pairs of eyewear at instead of 1 pair at local mortar-and-brick store.

The online ordering process was easy peasy. Just a couple of days after placing my order, I received an email from Customer Service letting me know that my glasses were on their way. About a week later, I received a package which contained not only my new Firmoo eye glasses; but also a nice case, carrying pouch, cleaning cloth, and a neat little screw driver with extra screws.

Firmoo Eye Glasses
{Fortunately, my glasses fit pretty well so I haven’t had to use this handy dandy tool yet.}

Firmoo Eye Glasses

Get free glasses!

For REAL…..

Firmoo is offering FREE glasses for first-time customers through their Free Eyewear for New Buyers Program. Pretty sweet! Right? You do have to pay for shipping. Head on over to and read the details of this great offer. Please note that some restrictions do apply, so read the fine print.

Overall, I am very happy with my new glasses from Firmoo. The online ordering process was very simple. They had a terrific selection of frames to choose from. The quality of what I received is good and I think they look pretty great. If you need new glasses and have a limited budget, I encourage you to check them out.

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