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Free Printable Reindeer Activity Set

Free Printable Reindeer Activity Set

Free Printable Reindeer Activity Set

Bring the magic of Christmas time to life with these Free Printable Reindeer Activity Set, with a coloring page, an information page all about reindeer and more. Your family will love spending time together learning all about these beautiful creatures! Use these sheets as a fun activity or use it as part of a learning and study unit. Either way, these printable pages are perfect.

Free Printable Reindeer Activity Set

Free Printable Reindeer Activity Set

Kids love Christmas. Parents love simple ways to get kids to learn. This Reindeer Activity Set combines those two things together. This activity set features 7 pages that kids will love.

  • Fact about Reindeer
  • Reindeer Anatomy
  • Parts of a Reindeer
  • Reindeer Life Cycle
  • Word Search
  • Reindeer Coloring Page
  • Meet My Reindeer

With pages these cute, the kids will be begging to do the next one.

Reindeer Anatomy Worksheet

Most kids do not know much about reindeer. The most common thing that they know if that they have large antlers, although many kids call the horns. With this reindeer anatomy sheet, kids will learn all the parts of the reindeer.

reindeer anatomy

Parts of the Reindeer

parts of the reindeer

Now it is the kids turn. The kids will take pieces of paper with the names of the body parts on them, and glue it to the matching area. This will help reenforce teaching and helping kids remember the body parts of the reindeer.

Facts about Reindeer

This sheet teachings kids everything they need to know about reindeer. After kids have read the section that teaches them about reindeer, there are questions for them to answer. These questions on the Reindeer Activity printable set will help kids translate what they learned to practice.

all about reindeer

Reindeer Life Cycle

Did you know that a reindeer that is past the fawn stage but not an adult is called a reindeer? Kid will learn each step of the life cycle of the reindeer starting with the fawn.

Reindeer Life Cycle

Reindeer Word Search

Word searches are great for kids in many ways. It helps reenforce concepts that they have learned, helps with spelling and is just plain fun.

Reindeer work search

Reindeer Coloring Page

This is just a fun coloring page for kids. Use it as just a fun page or have kids color it while you talk about what you have learned.

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Reindeer coloring sheet

Meet My Reindeer

Have your kids ever wanted their own reindeer? Well with this worksheet, the kids will pretend they have a reindeer who they get to name and then tell all about their special abilities and why they are amazing.

Meet My Reindeer

How to Use These Free Printable Reindeer Worksheets

First you need to download these Free Printable Reindeer Activity Set.

Once you have download the printables, you need to decide how you are going to print them. You can print them from home using your printer, print them at school or a library. You can also get them printed at an office supplies store.

Once you have the printed, let the kids have fun and learn about reindeer.

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