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Glittery Heart Rock Craft

Glittery Heart Rock Craft

Glittery Heart Rock Craft - glitter heart

As the weather gets nicer, I find we spend more and more time outdoors. When the kids were smaller, everywhere we went, they wanted to collect rocks. If we went somewhere on vacation, we always came home with a bag of rocks. A afternoon playing in the park always meant coming home with at least one of the most perfect rocks the kids had ever seen. It was cute. Until I noticed we had rocks upon rocks all over the house. I never knew what to do with them all. That is when we started looking for a rock craft. OK, lots of rock crafts.

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Not all crafts have to be hard and complicated. Sometimes, some of the best crafts are simple things where the kids can make them and then have something to decorate afterwards. We have used rocks to decorate the garden, the shelves in the house and the top of dressers, or even the potted plants in the living room.

Glittery Heart Rock Craft

Smooth rocks, we were able to pick these up at a nearby beach.  You can also find smooth river rocks at craft and hobby stores in small bags.
White liquid craft glue
Glitter! Lots and lots of glitter!
Optional, sharpies to draw on the rocks ahead of time.

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We started with clean, dry rocks and laid them all out on a flat surface.  If you’re concerned about glue
spills and markers, laying a few sheets of newspaper down will help protect surfaces.

Glittery Heart Rock Craft - gather the rocks
I drew hearts on a few of the rocks before we added the glue.  At first I had wanted to give a guide to follow, after they dried, it was nice to see that added detail as well though!

Glittery Heart Rock Craft - Add glue
Try to spread a thin, even, layer of glue on the flattest portion of the surface.  Glue near the edges might run down the side of the rock.  If this happens simply wipe it away with a wet paper towel.

Glittery Heart Rock Craft - add glitter

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Sprinkle the glitter over the glue and then shake off the extra.  Set the rocks on a flat surface to fully dry.
We needed about two full days for the glue to be fully set and transparent.

Glittery Heart Rock Craft - Finished heart collection


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  • I’m always looking for projects to do with the grandkids when I have them up at the lake. Perfect. Find the rocks on our morning hikes. Do the project the next morning.

  • This is a cute idea! In our county people leave decorated rocks around our area and once you find it, you rehide it for the next person to find. The kids get so excited to find a new decorated rock when we’re out running errands.

  • I can’t believe how cute these are from how simple they are to do. I love these, and having one made for you by someone you care about is even better!

  • How cute! I didn’t know these were easy to make like this. I’ll have to try this for a craft since we’re stuck inside due to the windy weather.

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