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Guardian Angel Message in a Bottle

Guardian Angel Message in a Bottle

Guardian Angel Message in a Bottle

Show someone how much you love and care this Valentine’s Day with the gift of a Guardian Angel Message in a Bottle. I recently saw a similar gift in a popular children’s clothing magazine with a price tag of $64. The magazine version is beautiful and features a vintage glass bottle with a hand-scripted message. It’s so lovely! But with $64 being way outside of my budget, I set off to recreate the gift. The total project cost me less than $5, and it turned pretty cute.

Guardian Angel Message in a Bottle

I give you a bit of myself so you’ll know I’m close when you need me. Your guardian angel.”

Glass bottle 7″ – 10″ tall, with cork
White paper (A piece of copy paper works fine.)
Tea bag
White feather that will fit inside the bottle

Note: I used the wax from a tea light candle to seal the bottle. Affiliate links above.

Guardian Angel Message in a Bottle for Valentine's Day

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1. Place the feather inside the bottle and melt a bit of wax to seal in the cork.

2. Type the message “I give you a bit of myself so you’ll know I’m close when you need me. Your guardian angel.” onto a Word doc, using a fancy script. Print and cut out the message. Instead of using scissors, I carefully tore the paper to give it a vintage look. Prepare a cup of strong tea. Dip the paper message into the tea. You may need to repeat this process to get the desired effect. Allow to dry completely (place on a napkin, in the microwave, on defrost setting to expedite this process). Once the paper is dry, dab around the edges with the tea bag to further the aged effect.

3.Use a piece of narrow ribbon or jute cord to tie the message onto the bottle.

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  • I just loved this. I have a friend that married her sweetheart at age 16 and they were married for over 50+ years. Her husband , my dear friend, passed away. We also buried her sister and two of our best friends. She calls me sometimes crying. I was her neighbor for 44yrs and have known her since I was only 5yrs old. I moved only 7 short months before her husband passed away. So am no longer there and she gets lonely and misses me and the rest of her family and friends that are no longer with us. I also lost my Dad a couple of months ago and my Mother is also alone and lives on the same street as my friend still today in the house I grew up in. They spend breakfast together every day, weather permitting. I miss them both dearly and wish I had never moved. I think they both would love this Guardian Angel. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

  • This is a great idea for anyone in your life. My cousin passed back in Nov. leaving 5 girls, hubby, and grandson …this would be a great reminder to them.
    It’s so sweet and delegate ….what a neat idea.

  • I am in the process of doing this for my daughter. She’s twelve and lost her father almost two years ago. I think this will truly help her!!

  • Ok so now I need to ask, what kind of feather did you use for this project. I bought turkey feathers but they just don’t look right. Help please because I need to finish this soon.

    • Hi Amber! The feather we used came from an assorted bag of generic crafting feathers. I’m pretty sure we picked the bag at Michaels. I hope this help. Can’t wait to hear about your finished project!

  • Thanks for the speedy response. I found some at the 99ยข store today, believe it or not. We are planning to put this at the cemetery the next time she visits so she will find it there. I just have to find the perfect decorative box to put it in.

  • What a cute idea and reminder that angels are always with us!

    I’ve always said “when feathers appear angels are near!” …

    This is a fun reminder you could keep on your desk, or really anywhere! ๐Ÿ™‚

    My grandmother used to make purple glass bottles, I would love to do this in one of those!

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