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Kids In the Kitchen | Olive Oil Lava Lamp

Kids In the Kitchen | Olive Oil Lava Lamp

olive oil lava lamp

Olive Oil Lava Lamp

What You’ll Need

16 oz plastic soda bottle with cap
Olive oil
Food coloring
Fizzy Tablet (Alka-Seltzer or Airborne)
Flash light (optional)


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1. Fill 1/3 of the bottle with water. Then add around 20 drops of food coloring.
2. Add the vegetable oil till the top of the bottle. Let it remain as such for some time. This is to separate the colored water and oil layers.
3. Break the fizzy tablet into 4 pieces and drop each piece into the bottle, waiting for each piece to dissolve before adding another. Put the cap on the bottle, after bubbling has stopped.
4. Tip the bottle back and forth. Watch for the action! You can hold a flash light under the bottle for an even cooler effect.

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  • LOL! I never would have thought of anything like this! I remember all the lava lamps from the 60’s! This is too cool, my grandkids have to try it!

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