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Mini Marshmallow Ghost Treat Bags for Halloween

Mini Marshmallow Ghost Treat Bags for Halloween

My mom and I have begun working on the decorations and favors that can be done in advance for the Halloween party we are having later this month. I’ve been trying to come up with things that are simple and easy to do, yet have a big impact. I think I’ve managed to achieve that with these Mini Marshmallow Ghost Treat Bags. Aren’t they BOO-tiful?

Mini Marshmallow Ghost Treat Bags for Halloween - About A Mom

Treat Bags for Halloween

These spooky little cuties couldn’t have been simpler to make. Who doesn’t love marshmallows? Even our dogs love marshmallows…they were standing under the table eagerly waiting for the marshmallows to fall off.

Here’s What You’ll Need

16 ounce bag mini marshmallows
clear pretzel bags
black Sharpie marker
black ribbon

You’ll want to draw on the ghosts faces first and give them a few minutes to dry, before filling. Simply fill each bag with mini marshmallows and tie off the top with ribbon. Easy peasy!

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We were able to get 12 treat bags from one 16 ounce bag of marshmallows. There probably would have been 13 ghosts, if not for all of the marshmallows that ended up in our mouths.

I know somebody is going to be asking where to get the pretzel bags. I happened upon them at my local Walmart. But if you can’t find them there, they would probably be available at craft stores such as Michaels.

Do you plan on making some Mini Marshmallow Ghost Treat Bags for Halloween?

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  • Such a cute little craft! I never would have though to make such a simple (and very cheap) snack craft to either pass out at your child’s school, or even buy candy and decorate your own bags to hand out.

  • What a cute fun project to do with the kids. I wish I had found this a couple of months earlier guess I will just pin it to my Halloween board 🙂

  • These are so cute. I wish I would of known of this earlier at Halloween I would of made them for my sons school for class party, so adorable!

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