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Panda Pandamonium – Brand New Free App Release

Panda Pandamonium – Brand New Free App Release

Panda Pandamonium by Big Fish Games

This post brought to you in collaboration with Big Fish Games.

Save the pandas! Save the world! Doesn’t that sound exciting? Panda Pandamonium, the newest free app in the Big Fish Games lineup, is a Mahjong-inspired matching game. If you’ve never played Majong before, you basically look for tiles with matching symbols or pictures to match together and clear from the board.

Panda Pandamonium by Big Fish Games

Panda Pandamonium is made by the same award winning team that brought you Fetch and the Drawn series. Panda Pandamonium is this team’s first game outside of the adventure genre.

A one-of-a kind matching game based loosely on Mahjong, Panda Pandamonium’s game mechanic is unique and requires strategic matching of pairs of tiles in order to crash through obstacles, trigger bonuses, and ultimately save two adorable pandas from hungry dragons and their minions. The game has hundreds of levels, with new levels and challenges being released each month, and the art quality is on par with the previous games created by this team.

Panda Pandamonium by Big Fish Games

The free Panda Pandamonium game was released by Big Fish just a few days ago, and is already generating lots of buzz. I think it has something to do with how easy to play and enjoyable this game is, and the fact that it’s slightly addicting.

I love a game that is fun for both kids and adults, and this one is just that.

The objective of the game is to save the adorable pandas from the jaws of hungry dragons by matching pairs of tiles that crash through obstacles the dragons have set in your path.

In addition to the added element of freeing the pandas, there are also obstacles, as well as bonuses that you can get for completing different tasks. Players can take advantage of special level bonuses and ‘streaks’ to give themselves an edge in defeating the dragons and their minions.

Panda Pandamonium by Big Fish Games

The game gets more challenging as you progress through the levels. There are new lands, puzzles, and creatures being added often to make sure you can keep having fun! Panda Pandamonium is available now for free on iPhone and iPad.

Are you ready to help save the pandas?

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