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Paper Plate Ladybug Craft for Kids

Paper Plate Ladybug Craft for Kids

Fun, easy, and inexpensive ladybug kid craft.

My kids love to hunt for bugs in the spring and summer months. Ladybugs are usually plentiful and one bug that never lets them down. They can always find ladybugs. As they started to talk about bug hunting this last week, I suggested we create a ladybug craft.

Fun, easy, and inexpensive ladybug kid craft.

We pulled out our favorite crafting material, paper plates, and some red paint and got started on our ladybug craft.


supplies for ladybug


1. Paint a regular sized paper plate red and allow to dry.

2. White the plate is drying, cut circles (or use a craft punch) from the black paper for the ladybug’s spots. Also cut a head from the black paper for the ladybug. Our head was rounded like circle on one end and resemble the side of a rectangle on the other end.

ladybug craft pieces

3. Glue the spots onto the painted pater plate. Glue the head to the back of the paper plate, so that the rounded portion of the head sticks out over the paper plate.

4. Fold a black pipe cleaner in 1/2 and attach to the back of the ladybug’s head. We used tape to attach it. Curl the ends of the pipe cleaner to make antennae for the ladybug.

Extend the Activity:

Read a book about ladybugs. The Grouchy Ladybug is one of our favorites.

Take the fun outside. Grab a magnifying glass and search for ladybugs. Study the spots on their backs.

Grab a dice and turn the craft into a fun counting activity. Instead of gluing the black spots onto the ladybug, place them in a pile. Instruct your child to roll the dice and place the number of spots on the ladybug specified on the dice. Repeat until your child tires of the game.

Fun, easy, and inexpensive ladybug kid craft.

Written by About a Mom contributor, Kim. Kim, the mama behind The Resourceful Mama, is a medical social worker turned stay at home mom to three. She enjoys sharing simple crafts and activities, parenting and homemaking tips, and a lot of holiday fun.

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