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Printable Camp Scavenger Hunt Bags

Printable Camp Scavenger Hunt Bags

Printable Camp Scavenger Hunt Bags

Whether the kids are heading to summer camp or you are taking a summer camping trip, we always want to keep the kids having fun. Nothing ruins a camp out faster than hearing “I’m bored”. Since we do not want our kids on electronics when they should be having fun outdoors and being active, having planned activities makes everything go smoother. A scavenger hunt is always fun.

Because there are so many things that can be used as scavenger items, the kids love having scavenger hunt after scavenger hunt. Making printed scavenger hunt bags ahead of time makes it easier for all of the kids. It gives the kids a way to hold all of the treasures that they find as they make their way down the list. Kids have the scavenger hunt list printed right on the bag, so there is no need to fuss with losing the paper.  This keeps the kids from getting upset if they misplace the paper.

Making the printed bags is so easy.

Printable Camp Scavenger Hunt Bags


Lunch Bag Sized bags.  Mine were 5×10.

or Craft Brown Paper- If you choose to go with paper instead of the bag, be sure to think of something for the kids to carry their treasures.

Printable Camp Scavenger Hunt Bags

You will want to find the smoothest bags possible. As the bags are printing, the ink tends to smear when it hits the bumps. These type of brown paper pages are available in the grocery isle, but to get smooth bags I recommend these.

Printable Camp Scavenger Hunt Bags

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Printing on the bags can be tricky.   I suggest setting your paper size to the size of the bag.  I have included a .jpg version that you can import into a office document and shrink or enlarge to your liking if you have trouble lining the PDF files up to match your bag.

Insert the bat folded side down first.  The image needs to be flipped to print so that it is not upside down.



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  • This is really a great idea, The kids would have fun doing something like this. Thanks for sharing!

  • I see I am not the only one thinking about camping this year , I love having a scavenger hunt with the family and friends, I think its a great way to have the children bond and just let loose. I do will be printing these, just not yet, no ink LOL. but soon.

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