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Straw Hat Scarecrow Fall Wreath

Straw Hat Scarecrow Fall Wreath

Straw Hat Scarecrow Wreath

The Fall season brings thoughts of cornfields, pumpkin patches, apple cider and scarecrows. It’s about this time that the scarecrows begin to pop up all over town in front of our few local business, the courthouse, and the homes that run up and down Main Street. This year I won’t be making a life size scarecrow. Instead I made a simple Fall wreath. My Straw Hat Scarecrow Wreath will surely spread cheer as she hangs on the front door to welcome visitors.

Straw Hat Scarecrow Wreath

I think she turned out pretty cute, and was very simple and inexpensive to make. If you don’t have an old straw beach hat to use for this project, now is the perfect time to pick one up on Summer clearance.

What You’ll Need:

large straw hat
assorted buttons for the eyes, nose and mouth
wire ribbon
3 fall picks or sunflowers cut from a small bouquet
hot glue gun and sticks

Begin by adding the hair. Use a hot glue to secure a little raffia around the area where the hat is folded down at the top. Be sure the raffia is long enough to braid, if desired. If braiding the raffia, you will need small rubber bands or two pieces of jute rope to tie off the ends. Glue the loose braids onto the hat. Fold the top of the hat down to the edge of the center round. Secure with hot glue.

{top of the hat}
Straw Hat Scarecrow Fall Wreath

Use the wire ribbon to make a bow, and secure with hot glue onto the top of the folded down portion of the hat. Glue on a fall pick or loose flowers to the top center and sides of the bow. Glue button eyes, nose, and mouth in place.

Tie a bow from wired ribbon and secure to the opposite end of the hat (see top image). You can add another small flower or two on to embellish of the bow.

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