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Summer Fun Series: DIY Bowling Game

Summer Fun Series: DIY Bowling Game

Make your own summer fun with this DIY Bowling Game!

Make your own summer fun with this DIY Bowling Game!

For the second year in a row we are participating in a Summer Fun series with Nap-Time Creations and some other amazing bloggers. It’a already shaping up to be a super fun summer! We hope to make your summer even more fun with this DIY Bowling Game that you can make with your kids.

I love finding new ways to use things that would otherwise be thrown away. This upcycled bowling set was made using Pringles cans spiffed up with a little scrapbooking paper and stencils.

I’m kinda loving how this turned out.

Make your own summer fun with this DIY Bowling Game!

DIY Bowling Game

Here’s What You’ll Need:

6 empty Pringles cans, washed and dried
6 sheets assorted scrapbooking paper
1 sheet white copy paper
number stencils (1-6)
black craft paint
small sponge paint brush
round cookie or biscuit cutter
glue stick
hand full of dried beans
small ball

Use a round cookie cutter to cut six circles from a piece of basic white copy paper. Using the number stencils and black craft paint, put each of the numbers 1-6 onto a circle. Set aside to dry.

Remove the lids from the Pringles cans. Cut each piece of scrapbooking paper to size, just enough to cover one of the cans. Using a glue stick or a few pieces of tape, cover each can with a sheet of scrapbooking paper.

Make your own summer fun with this DIY Bowling Game!

Glue a number onto each can, near the top. Place a single layer of beans into each can to weight them down a bit. It also makes a fun sound when they get knocked over. Put the lids back on the cans.

Start bowling and have fun!

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