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Tips for the Tooth Fairy

Tips for the Tooth Fairy

Tips for the tooth fairy

Tips for the tooth fairy

All teeth are created equal. I recommend that you don’t set the expectations too high with the first tooth. You might be tempted to leave a $20 under your child’s pillow when that first tooth comes out, but do you really plan to leave a $20 for every tooth your child looses? Trust me, if you do it once your child will be expecting it every time.

How much is a tooth really worth? Personally, I think a couple of bucks, $5 at the most is adequate. I have friends though, that go all out with big bucks and gifts. If you can afford it great, but you risk having your child pull out perfectly good teeth to get more loot.

Keep a stash around the house. Keep a few bucks stashed for the fairy occasion. After all when that night comes, you don’t want to be running up to the gas station to buy a lottery ticket and break a $20.

Stay awake. Don’t forget or fall asleep before your fairy duties have been fulfilled. Write yourself a note or put up an online reminder to alert you before you cut off the computer at night. I forgot once and cannot tell you how devastated my son was to find his tooth was still under the pillow in the morning.

Leave a note. Encourage your child to write a note for the tooth fairy. These notes are scrap booking treasures. They also give the tooth fairy an opportunity to write back.

Do you have any tooth fairy tips or stories to share with us? We would love to hear them!

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