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Visit The Dog Park This Summer

Visit The Dog Park This Summer

Make a visit with your 4 legged friends to play at the dog park this summer. We have 2 small inside dogs, a Bichon Frise named Winston and Lilly, a Chinese Crested Powderpuff.  They enjoy going for walks in the neighborhood, but it is a real treat for them when we go to the dog park.
When we lived in Florida, there was a dog beach not too far from our house. My dog Winston loved swimming in the ocean. He thinks he is a big dog, so he had to do a lot of swimming to keep up with the rest of the big guys. There was a dog wash area located near the park exit, so when it was time to leave we just gave them a quick wash and carried them to the car. A long afternoon nap always followed.
There is a great online resource to find dog parks in your area. Just go here and select your state to locate a dog park near you.
It is great to let the dogs off leash and let them run free at the dog park. Dogs love to socialize. Just be sure to keep an eye on them, because you never know if there is going to be an aggressive dog or an irresponsible dog owner nearby. It is a great opportunity to put the kids to work chasing after your dog.
Don’t forget to bring water for your pet and a towel, since your dogs can get pretty dirty at the park.    
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