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Zombie Adventure: Hunt or Be Hunted

Zombie Adventure: Hunt or Be Hunted

Zombie’s seem to be all the rage these days! Have you heard about the new Zombie Adventure interactive paint-ball experience in Orlando, Florida? I heard about it first from my sister in Florida, who is taking her 14 year old for his birthday this weekend. Our boys here in Georgia are so jealous right now.

Zombie Adventure is Orlando, Florida’s latest haunted attraction. It’s a 2-hour adventure game played out in 30 acres of dark woods that are haunted by Zombies. Instead of just standing around scared out of your mind, you get to fight back using military style paint ball rifles.

There is even an optional part of the tour that let’s you enter an area with armed Zombies that shoot back. Now, that sounds really messy. Certainly don’t wear your Sunday best to this attraction.

The Zombie Adventure opens September 15, 2011 and runs through November 5, 2001. It is open on Friday and Saturday nights at dark. If you plan to attend, keep in mind that it is a 2 hour walking adventure. Children ages 6 and up can participate.

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I can’t wait to hear from my sister about this fun filled night! Secretly, I would love to go myself.

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