I can't wait for you to make your own!

These absolutely adorable Jingle Bells Bracelets will be a great gift to a loved one. You can even gift a little kit for your loved one to make it on their own. Just pop in some custom things you think they would like and it’s the perfect Christmas present. These are so easy to make and will come out super cute to wear with a Christmas themed outfit.

supplies needed

– Jingle bells – Ribbon, if desired – Elastic bracelet string – Scissors

Cut the bracelet string to the length desired to go around the child’s wrist PLUS 3 to 4 inches to allow room for tying off the bracelet. To start the bracelet, loosely tie one bell to the end of the bracelet.

Step 1

String the bells in an alternating pattern until you reach the desired length.

Step 2

Tie off the bracelet and then trim the excess string with scissors.

Step 3

If desired, cut ribbon into desired lengths. Place the ribbons together and lace through the inside of the bracelet. Allow the bracelet to hang in the middle of the ribbons. Tie the ribbon into a double knot with the knot squeezing between two beads.

Step 4

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