Inexpensive Herb Garden

I can't wait for you to  complete this project!

This DIY Kitchen Herb Garden uses upcycled materials and is great for growing herbs both indoors and out. I absolutely love having fresh herbs to cook with. Typically, I grown them in large containers outside and on the porch. It’s nice though to have a some smaller plants in the kitchen, the ones that get used a lot like basil, oregano and parsley to name a few.

Grab your materials

soup cans craft paint paint brushes adhesive chalkboard labels white chalk marker small rocks or pebbles potting mix starter herb plants

First, wash and dry your empty tin cans, and paint them. I personally love the chalk paints, because they go on so smooth and creamy and you usually only need one coat. Foam brushes are perfect for painting your cans. Let the cans dry completely.

Step 1

Get your labels ready.  (Get the Tutorial Below to grab your labels!) BTW… those are my affiliate links.  Let these dry while you do your planting.

Step 2

Place a handful of rocks in the bottom of each tin can. This will allow for drainage. You might also want to drill a few small holes in the bottom of each can.

Step 3

Add a small scoop of dirt. You won’t need much, because the plants already come with dirt. Use your best judgement on this. Carefully, place the plant into the can and top off with additional soil if necessary. After you are finished with all of your planting, be sure to water them.

Step 4

Wipe off any dirt from the cans with a cloth and add your labels.

Step 5

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