Kids Craft:  Butterfly and Chyrsalis

I can't wait for you to make this craft!

This Easy Butterfly and Chrysalis Craft for Kids allows children to have a creative, hands-on experience as they watch their beautiful butterfly emerge from its cocoon.

Grab your suppllies!

Paint both the wood clothespin and toilet paper roll with washable paints.

Step 1

Very quickly add the pom pom balls and googly eyes before the paint dries on the body of your caterpillar.

Step 2

While the paint dries, work on creating the butterfly wings by flattening out the coffee filter.

Step 3

Using dot art daubers, cover the entire coffee filter with beautiful colors!

Step 4

Using a squirt bottle, spray a mist or two of water on the coffee filter until the colors bleed together.  Set the coffee filter aside until it dries.

Step 5

Using a pipe cleaner (cut in half), wrap it once around the tip of the clothespin (squeeze open the clothespin).  Now your caterpillar has antennae!

Step 6

Once the coffee filter has dried, you can fold it like an accordion to create your butterfly’s beautiful wings!

Step 7

You then simply squeeze open the caterpillar clothespin and place the folded coffee filter in the opening and slowly close it shut.

Step 8

Then you can fan out the gorgeous wings and your caterpillar is now a butterfly!

Step 9

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