I can't wait for you to make this craft!

Simple, easy to make Lady bug craft that uses recycled K-cups. A great way to upcycle a K-cup into a cute ladybug craft. Use as a toy or decoration.

Grab your supplies!

clean, used k-cups red spray paint black electrical tape small pair of sharp scissors googly eyes black pipe cleaners small or medium black pom poms glue stick or low temp hot glue gun

Spray your k-cups red in a well ventilated area, like in a garage or outside, and allow them to dry for about an hour. Check and respray them, if needed and let dry again. I like to spray multiple k-cups at a time in various colors, that way I have them on hand for crafts whenever the urge strikes! Using the scissors, cut some small circles out of the electrical tape. It doesn't have to be perfect, mine were not exactly circle shape. Place the dots on you ladybug.

Step 1

Cut the black pipe cleaner into (6) 1 1/2" sections for the ladybug's legs. Use a small pair of scissors to gently make (3) small holes on each side of the ladybug. Insert the pipe cleaners for her legs and bend at the ends.

Step 2

Using the glue stick or low temp hot glue gun, attach a black pom pom for the ladybug's head and then give her (2) googly eyes. Lastly, cut (2) 1" - 1 1/2" black pipe cleaners for her antenna's and insert in the small hole on top (bottom) of the k-cup.

Step 3

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