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Chocolate Cupcakes with Fresh Strawberry Frosting
Fun Sandwich Ideas for Kids - Sandwich on a Stick
Sloppy Joe Casserole Recipe

5 Ways to Chill Out and Relax #HaierAmbassador

5 Ways to Chill Out and Relax

Relaxation is very important for mental health and wellbeing, and most busy moms don’t get nearly enough relaxation. No matter how fabulous your life is, there is sure to come a time when things get crazy and you desperately need to just chill out and relax. With summer break coming to an end and back… Continue Reading…

Home Storage Solutions with Sauder

Home Storage Solutions

Storage is a real issue in my home. Old country homes like mine were built with large rooms, but very small closets and little storage space. Making matters worse, Mom and I both work from home and share the same home office. It doesn’t help either that we are both addicted to buying craft supplies…. Continue Reading…

Tackling Tough Summer Stains with Biz

Tackling Tough Summer Stains with Biz

This post brought to you by Biz Stain & Odor Eliminator. All opinions are 100% mine. I feel like I have done more laundry this past week, than I did in the last four weeks combined. It started with our return home from a vacation at the beach, and bags filled with sandy, wet towels… Continue Reading…

Booyakasha! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie Hits Theaters on August 8th #TMNTMovie

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles hits theaters on August 8 - See the Official Movie Trailer

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie hits theaters on August 8th, and when asked to share the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” movie trailer on the blog there was no hesitation in my response. I don’t think my son would ever forgive me if I passed on an opportunity to write about his beloved turtles. As a boy… Continue Reading…

10 Tips for Keeping Cool this Summer #HaierAmbassador

10 Tips for Keeping Cool this Summer

I love summertime. It’s the time of year when I cut back on my workload and enjoy more family time. It’s so much fun going to the beach, state parks, and planning outdoor adventures. It’s my favorite time of year to enjoy a picnic lunch. As much as I enjoy the summer, I try to… Continue Reading…

Ways to Have Fun at State Parks this Summer

Ways to Have Fun at State Parks this Summer

When it comes to summer fun, nature offers something for everyone. I excited to partner with Coca-Cola to share ways to enjoy nature and have fun at state parks. Visiting your state parks is the perfect way to enjoy nature and spend family time. Many state parks offer summer programs and discount admission. If you… Continue Reading…

Tips for Hosting the Ultimate Hot Dog Party

Tips for the Ultimate Hot Dog Party

This post brought to you by Bar-S Foods. All opinions are 100% mine. Having a hot dog party is not only delicious and a lot of fun, it’s also an economical way to host a large crowd of friends and family. You really can’t go wrong with a hot dog grilling party. My friends and… Continue Reading…

Beach Playlist: Our 10 Favorite Songs for the Sand

Beach Playlist - Our 10 Favorite Songs for the Sand

Although it may feel like the summer is speeding by, there are still a couple months of beachtime left. I hope you will get the chance to sink your toes into the sand at least once, before the warm days are gone. No trip to the beach is complete without some great tunes, so I… Continue Reading…

Multi Striped Popsicles

Multi Striped Popsicles

I grew up in Florida, so you would think I would be able to tolerate the Georgia heat. Yet, it’s mid July and I’m already dreaming of Fall weather. So what does a girl do to keep cool on a hot summer’s day? Eat popsicles, of course. Ice pops aren’t just for kids, especially these… Continue Reading…

RSVP for the @Stemilt #CherrySweet Twitter Party on 7/30

Stemilt #CherrySweet Twitter Party on 7.30 at 9pm ET

Please join us on Twitter as we celebrate the best season – CHERRY SEASON! Stemilt, growers of World Famous Fruit for 5 decades, has sponsored this sweet cherry chatter about our favorite summer fruit. We’ll share recipes, nutritional information, and more plus you’ll have a chance to win one of FOUR cash prizes. I am… Continue Reading…

What Makes You Sparkle? #SparkleWithDASANI

DASANI Sparkling Water

This post is brought to you by our sponsor, DASANI. All thoughts and opinions are my own. SPARKLING is the perfect word to describe the summer I have been having. It’s been so much fun helping to keep my grandchildren busy during summer break. Spending more time outdoors this summer has most definitely been good… Continue Reading…

Rachael Ray’s Dinner for Two for You and Your Cat

Dinner for Two - Nutrish for Cats

Our friends from Rachael Ray Nutrish for Cats sent us a fabulous dinner for two package. Like they do over every package that’s delivered to our door, my two dogs Winston and Lilly got very excited over this new surprise. What they didn’t expect was a package for their cat cousins, Boots and Bindy instead… Continue Reading…

RSVP for the #JuicyFruitFunSide Twitter Party on 7/24

#JuicyFruitFunSide Twitter Party 7-24

Do you love a good Twitter Party?  You know I do, and I am totally excited to host a party about Juicy Fruit!   There is really nothing better than Juicy Fruit‘s juicy flavor that sparks so much spontaneous summer fun!  On July 24th at 1 PM EST, please join me for the #JuicyFruitFunSide where we’ll be talking about taking your summer… Continue Reading…

Reading Under the Stars with Scholastic #SummerReading

Scholastic Reading Under the Stars Party

About a month ago, we shared that both of my granddaughters had signed up for the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge. My younger granddaughter has always been an avid reader, and her sister not so much. Something happened this summer that has transformed, Becca, and occasional reader into a full fledged book worm. We found a… Continue Reading…

Are Summer Allergies Still Getting You Down? {Giveaway}

Relieving Summer Allergies

Spring and Fall aren’t the only seasons for allergies. Many of the same allergy triggers that make you feel bad in the spring can last through the summer months. Pollen, ragweed and grasses are common allergens. Yup. That lush green lawn you’ve been working so hard on… it’s probably causing some allergy symptoms. In the… Continue Reading…