Fun Family Game Night with Monopoly Millionaire

Monopoly Millionaire is all about making a million dollars fast! It’s a new twist on an old favorite. I have great childhood memories of playing Monopoly with my siblings. It’s hard to believe that Monopoly is still so popular after all these years. My family is really enjoying this newest version of the game and you’re also sure to have a fun family game night with Monopoly Millionaire!

Monopoly Millionaire

The stakes are higher than ever with Hasbro’s Monopoly Millionaire. The game basics are the same with a game board, properties and cards. The dreaded “Go To Jail” space is still on the board. The key difference is in the money which is magnified to the millions, $1,000.00 being the lowest denomination. Diamonds and luxury limos are the norm in Monopoly Millionaire. The first to a million wins in this game! Sounds fun doesn’t it?

Monopoly Milliionaire

Monopoly Millionaire is a super fun and easy game for the whole family to play and enjoy. It’s definitely a new favorite in our house for family game night!

Monopoly Millionaire is currently available from Amazon.

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