Getting Knowledgeable About Life Insurance Needs

It turns out I don’t know as much about life insurance as I once thought. I purchased a 20 year term policy about 17 years ago, after becoming a single parent. I wanted to be sure that my son was taken care of, should something happen to me. I realize I should have had a policy while still married, but this was a step in the right direction for me. I remember when I made the decision to purchase life insurance, and quite honestly did not give much thought to my life insurance needs – instead focused on a monthly premium I could comfortably afford.

Fast forward 17 years later and my term policy is about to run out. I haven’t given it much thought the last 17 years. Did I have enough coverage to begin with? Will I need more or less? Should I switch from a term policy to a life policy? My now 26 year old son doesn’t have the same needs that he once did, but I want to also be sure that my mother is taken care of. How much coverage do I need?

I had so many questions about my life insurance needs, then I used an online Life Insurance Calculator. Not only did the online tool help me figure out how much life insurance I need, but it showed how much I should expect to pay as a monthly premium. It turns out that I have been very under-insured all of these years. If something were to happen to me, the people I care most about would have difficulty staying afloat.

It seems I am not alone in this deficiency. Statistics show that 42% American households with an income between $50k – $250k don’t even have a life insurance policy. Is your family’s financial future secure?

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    I’ve unfortunately learned the importance of life insurance over the last year or two. It’s so important and one of those things that you may not make a priority…until you realize it’s too late.

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    My husband actually has a Genworth Term life insurance policy to supplement his whole policy. It’s an affordable way to add a bunch of insurance just in case.

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    Wow, it’s so funny how quickly 20 years can go by though it seems so far in the future. Life insurance is has been a priority for my husband and I. We’ve seen too many families suffer extra financial burden when they lose a loved one unexpectedly. We’re rather not add to that pain for our daughter.

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    I have a term policy too and I’m debating whether to increase the value or add a whole life policy.
    As a stay at home mom, if something happened to me my husband would need a nanny and a sitter to cover the hours I’m with out son.

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    I sold life insurance for a short time and while I disagree with whole life policies, I think it’s important to understand and budge when you have a term policy. Then again, I don’t have much room to speak. I am a 30 year old mother of 3 with no life insurance besides what hubby has on me through is work…

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    This is so informative. I know we are underinsured right now; I’m going to have to be a grownup at look at this stuff, aren’t I? :kicks dirt:

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    With our third on the way I often think about life insurance and truthfully with loosing my Mother young, it is something I so see the need for. Thanks for sharing!

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    While I know we have life insurance (one of those little things we checked off our list when we got married) I know we haven’t updated or kept up with any of the details regarding our plans and what we’re really paying into. I’ll definitely be checking into this again very soon just to make sure we’re covered.

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