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25 Ways to Say I Love You for Free

25 Ways to Say I Love You for Free

25 WaysValentine’s Day is quickly approaching.  Even if it sneaks up on you, there are lots of ways to celebrate that don’t cost a thing. Here are 25 ways to Say I Love You for free. These ideas work for kids, teachers, spouses, parents, or anyone else!

1.  Get out the nice (or even the not-so-nice) stationary and write a note saying what your favorite thing about the other person is.

2. Make heart-shaped pancakes. Don’t have a mold or cookie cutter? No problem, just add the syrup in a heart shape.

3.  Say I love you in a different language.

4. Place strips of paper in a jar, and on each strip write everything you love about the other person.

5.  Using a heart cookie cutter, make a sandwich, toast, or even an apple slice in the shape of a heart.

6. Make the sign language symbol for “I love You” and text it.

7. Write “I love you” on the mirror with lipstick or in the shower steam.

8. Get a red paint chip from a hardware store, punch a hole in it, and thread it with string to make an I love you tag to put anywhere.

9.  Read a Valentine’s Day book to them (great for kids!)

10. Leave a <3 or a nice message on their Facebook page (but nothing TOO personal).

11. Draw a picture of that person with a special note (kids love this!).

12. Make a music mix with special tunes for them – doesn’t even have to be on a CD, just an iTunes playlist

13. Make coupons to do daily tasks that you know are a chore for the other person. It can be anything from doing the dishes to making the bed.


14. Edit a picture of the two of you (Picmonkey is a great free photo editor) and print it or send it.

15. For   a spouse or significant other, when you kiss or hug goodbye in the morning, hold the hug for a minute longer than normal and really connect.

16. Give a compliment.

17. Say thank you.

18. Write a love poem. Even of the “Roses are red” variety. Make it personal.

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19. Give an object from nature that is beautiful or meaningful, like a seashell or a special rock from a vacation.

20. Go to a playground and go on the swings together. Not just for kids – doing something playful can enhance a romantic connection as well.

21. Make a Buzzfeed post about them.

22. Let them choose what to watch on Netflix.

23. Tell a flattering story  (or mention something you admire)about that person to someone else.

24. Do an errand that you know isn’t their favorite.

25. Hold Hands.


What are your favorite free ways to say I love you? Let me know in the comments!

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